Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Luggage Time, Family fun, Friend Fun, Graduation Fun, Heidi Baptism, Wisdom Teeth Gone - 86 days went by so fast

A few pictures of how I have spent my last couple months before I left on my mission

Hiking Dixie Rock with the Cousins
Love Haven :)
Getting ready to Go-N-Do
All 4 Wisdom Teeth Removed - Check! 
Balln' at halftime of Allie games with Dad and Heidi
Beautiful day when I got to Baptize Heidi

Love my 3 Sisters 
Family Night Fun - Head Stand Contests
Getting Closer - My Passport is here! 
The Start of Missionary Shopping with Mom :)
My lil Josh all grown up through the years to Graduation Day! 
It's getting real - the luggage came :)
I need to find the other pictures of Josh I have taken here at this sign on our way to California over the years. 
Mormon Battalion Soldier Josh
Panning for Gold with Heidi 

Mermaid Heidi.  Having fun at the beach one last time for 2 years.
Boating with my buddies :)
Going through the temple was the best day.
Missionary Picture time with mom

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