Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 10 Eindhoven - Een beetje overall geweest

Hello Hello,

Wow, another week gone by already. Can you believe it. I must say, this week has been one full of adventures, laughs, hard work and good times. Elder Da Silva and I were able to go on quite a few exchanges this week so we got see a lot of the other cities and missionaries and that has been an absolute blast. The weather went from a record breaking week of being cold last week. To a nice warm, blue skied country this week. It has felt so great these past couple of days! Blessings.

It was fun this week we were able to go up to be apart of Breda's district meeting and then I got to stay and work with Elder Lott. We had an absolute blast together. It was quite funny, so we were out knocking doors and Elder Lott was in a sweater because he was confident that it wasn't going to rain. Well once we bike all the way out to the place the heavens just opened up and began to pour! On top of that there was literally nowhere where you could stand and not get hit by the rain. So he go pretty wet. Thank goodness for rainproof coats. But we were able to talk to a lot of cool people and have a fun exchange with one another. Saw some cool miracles. And then to end the night we even got to play a little horse. It had been a while so it took some time to get back on my game but...ha ha just kidding. It was great though. I love this place.

Wednesday was also super fun. That morning we were running around on the trains trying to re-exchange and then exchange with another companionship. So while we were waiting in the station I was playing 'come thou fount' on the piano and a member heard it and came over and talked to us and thought it was so funny to meet us in the station. It was awesome. But Elder Crowson and I finally made our way back to Eindhoven and had a killer day. Our bikes were broken so we walked a lot, but it's healthy right? So they say. My feet beg to differ though ha ha. But Elder Crowson and I saw some cool miracles. The fist door of the day was the coolest potential ever followed by an awesome less active lesson. And just a good fun time.

Well by the time Thursday rolled around it still felt like Tuesday. But today Elder Da Silva and I made our way up to Amersfoort to work with them for the day. And you will not believe what they fed us for lunch. Lamb gross is that. And guess who the mastermind behind the whole thing was Elder Bringhurst. That's where the other two elders got the idea from. Man i love that kid. But that was quite interesting but honestly not so bad before you know what you are eating. Well we had an awesome day in Amersfoort and really saw some cool things happen. Then it was off to the races to make it back to Eindhoven grab our suits and hop on the train to head to Den Haag so we could be to MLC the next day on time. We ended up sleeping with Elder Steenblik and Elder B. It was the funnest night.

MLC was incredible. The only thing I want to say about that is that Mission Presidents are inspired and the mission home is a holy place! I love this work!

Well Saturday night was so great! We finally had the singing elders come and do a concert in Eindhoven and it was AMAZING! The whole zone saw so many miracles happen. The spirit was so strong and the turnout was great. We also saw some miracles for Eindhoven. Got a couple of new investigators and are going to start teaching the husband of a member. God is good. I LOVE THIS WORK!

This week was just overall amazing. Thank you all for you love and support! I hope you all have another amazing week.

Elder Parr
HE got the Package from Allie and Heidi.  He having fun with the googly eyes and laser guns.

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