Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 11 Eindhoven - "I've got a pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine"

Hello Hello,

I love my mission! This week has been an amazing and adventurous week to say the least. But on a mission that's not unique because every week is amazing. I love the Netherlands, this place has my heart. It really truly does.

None of you will believe what I am going to say next, but I promise you that it's the truth. It didn't rain a single day this entire week!!! Which is great but I have to admit I was just beginning to really like the rain. But I love the sunshine. So I thought I better enjoy the nice weather why I can. Hence the title haha.

Here are some of the things that made this past week so good:

Monday we did it again! The missionaries ended up on top in our soccer tournament. (Even though most of the kids were like12-15 but you don't need to know that). I love the soccer culture of this country. It is so much fun. I mean when you have 5 soccer fields in every neighborhood its always fun to be able to play a little pick up game here and there. And after a year and half I am finally starting to get somewhat good with my feet. I don't look like a complete dufus anymore. To much fun!

Elder Bonner and I were able to work with each other here in Eindhoven and have some more fun. I love that guy. We were able to see some pretty cool things happen. We had all of our appointments cancel as we were heading out the door but saw cool things happen because of it. We ended up getting 6 pretty solid potentials. It was cool we were walking in the centrum and the first two people we stopped ended up being interested in the gospel and invited us to come and share what we believe with them. It was a great way to end the day!

Funny story, so there is this elder in our mission who can get a dinner appointment with anyone I swear. I was with him on splits and I told him to show me how it was done and it blew my mind. He could literally get people on the street to invite him over for dinner. So of course I had to get it a try and got shut down so hard core. Like five times in a row. I guess he's just got the magic touch. Maybe one day I will master that art. But get this, we asked some guy what typical dutch food was he looked at us and said 'bread' and kept walking. Bread for real, we were both dying.

We are teaching a super cool young couple Theo and Silvia and this week we had an awesome lesson with them. It was great we first walked in and they had this card game on the table and
called us out. We couldn't say no. It was a game for like 5 year olds. You all would lay down a card at the same time and when exactly five of the same fruits were on the table you would ding the bell. We got so into it. It was so much fun. Just picture 4 adults playing this game and it being intense, to good. But they are both doing great. Hopefully we can get them both on date here pretty soon.

So Elder Da Silva and I were doing some doors and we saw two older guys playing some ball. Literally this was like the first time in forever someone was playing basketball and it wasn't a Sunday. So I had to go play them. It was to good they were all messing with us talking about how we were in the wrong clothing and all this stuff. But we got playing and it was great. Break in some ankles even in a shirt and tie. We all had a good laugh. And they wanted us to join there street ball team, we were dying.

Halloween was a blast. Renatta and Angeliqe had us all over for a Halloween party and they went all out. The place was looking good. We all dressed up (even Harry!!!!!) and had a good time.

Driving in Europe has got to be one of the most adrenaline rushing things in the world. IT IS INSANE! The streets are half the size and windy, yet people drive twice as close and nuts. It is an adventure every time we step into the car. But it's been fun being able to experience that as well. And oh the funny looks that people give us when someone backs up the car. To die for let me tell ya!

I love my mission to say it twice! I love the people of the Netherlands and Belgium and and so grateful I get to serve them. This work is amazing and the message is true!

Thanks for all of the prayers and support! I hope you all have a great week. And happy November!(almost thanksgiving which means almost turkey bowl!!)
Elder Parr

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