Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week 15 Eindhoven - Oh The weather outside is frightful.....But I still love it here

Hello Hello,

How are you? or maybe I should say, Como Estas? Or Como Voce esta? Or Comment allezvous? Or hoe gaat het? So we met a couple of people who speak the 5 languages Elder Da Silva speaks and so I got to sit there and feel like a greeny all over again. It was awesome. But on the bright side I am learning some Spanish again. I am loving my life in the mission field, this is the place to be. It's true what everyone says, we are engage in the best work on earth. And serving with Elder da Silva is so much fun!

Here are some quick highlights from last week. It'll be short cause I don't have a lot of time:

Thanksgiving over here was so much fun! So on the actually day of thanksgiving we were all able to go and enjoy some delicious Peruvian thanksgiving, so good! Then Friday for our MLC lunch Zuster Bunnell had made a big thanksgiving lunch for us all. And it was incredible!!!! She is a dang good cook. Then last night members had us over and fed us another thanksgiving meal. I was just in heaven this week. Probably ate way to much food but it was just amazing. Got to love that turkey. And I hope you all enjoy your turkey sandwiches for the next week:)

This past week we were on a whole lot of exchanges. On of the days I was able to work with Elder Stanworth, he is actually from Hurricane and played sports and all that. So we played against each other. But we had an awesome exchanges. Got out and were able to work super hard set up 3 solid appointments it was great. But it was super funny, so we looked up this lady, who I thought was an investigator. And we get talking for a solid 30 minutes on the door and she thought I was the funniest person in the world. I was talking to her like an investigators. Well she shut the door and elder Stanworth said you now that was a less active. I just started dying and it all made sense why she though i was a goofball. But hey it worked, we got an appointment haha.

Saturday I was on splits with elder Crowder one of the elders living with me. And we saw some really cool miracles. First off we just had a super fun day working with one another. But the coolest part of the day is when we re-exhanged and our appointment fell through so we drove them to go do their last look up and we would just knocked some doors on the other side of the street. And within 30 minutes Elder Da Silva and I had made 3 appointments with all new people. It was such a cool miracle. the lord definitely led us to these people.

I love my mission and am so grateful for you all. The love, prayers and support! I am so blessed to have you all in my life. The gospel is true! Have an amazing week.

Elder Parr

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