Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 2 -Heel goede week en ook dag 54 op mijn zending!

The Hague Temple in the Netherlands and one good looking Elder Parr.
Check out my sweet ride.
Hallo eidereen,
First things first you are all great and thanks for the emails I love them! It's crazy how much you look forward to emails and letter out here. Oh and guess what here in the wonderful land of Europe people are CRAZY! 1st: there is NO FREE WATER and No Ice! Yes that is terrible but it's okay thats what the sink is for right? 2nd: we all decided that the weather here hates us, one the wind always in in our face no matter which way we go, so we decided it blew straight down! and also the only times it rains is when we are outside. The second we get to the homes and such it stops. Fantastic right? 4th: The biking city....its so funny we always see super old couples on dates riding Mopeds tgether and stuff its great! and also the kids are like "ya I'll bike over and pick ya up you can sit on the back"I love it, it's hilarious. 5th: People here have parties in the Centrum like everyday! There are hundreds of people from ages 12-80 its great. They all jam out to music and drink. Fun right? You should see the looks we get when we have to walk though there.  Welcome to the Netherlands I guess. Oh and Mom and Dad guess what there hasn't been a dish in our sink since I have gotten here! Thought you would be proud. :) 
Here are some of the highlights of my week.

First P-day went awesome! Had a fun district sleep over (with the elder) at the Den Haag apartment. But we played soccer bright and early with a bunch of the members here in our ward. And can I say they are soooo GOOD! They make all of us look like idiots, it's not fair. This place is like known for soccer! Fields in every neighborhood. But one play I was sprinting to catch up to this guy Nathan and couldn't stop and totally ran him over... Everyone was dying and said "Hey elder..Wron Futbul man" Yea I got crap the rest of the day. Love those guys. And also shopping here is so different Nothing looks the same and I cant read it so Half the time I don't even know what we get.
What a day..this was probably one of the hardest days since I have been out to be honest. But before I go there I had my first district meeting and that was awesome. Elder Yocum Is our DL and he's from Kaysville and is an absolute stud. But after that we have language lesson from this old dutch women. Yeah she got mad at me for not standing when I said my prayer and that it wasn't in perfect grammar. That kind of put a damper on my day to say the least. Then contacting we got plenty of doors slammed in our faces. Yeah there are some mean people in the world. We were getting pretty down and sad after knocking forever and not getting anyone so we decided to say a quick prayer. And like no joke 30 seconds after one of the guys who slammed the door but took our card like 5 minutes earlier came running out saying he looked up the website and wanted to know more! That was a true Miracle to me! We got his number and stuff so lets hope that goes somewhere!
Awesome day! So last night Eder Hulet and I were praying for a street to contact this morning and we came up with one. This morning the very first door that we knocked let us in and and we taught him about the restoration and he is now an investigator!! We are going back to teach him this week, so cool. And every door but one or two on that street at least gave us the time of day and talked to us so that was amazing. True miracle...the power of prayer and having faith is seriously the greatest thing ever, keeps me going! We also had a dinner appointment with the Perschier family.  A young couple in the ward and awesome family. The Husband Dan is a returned missionary and he goes on splits with us a lot so thats fantastic! Oh and today one of our investigators called us to come over and he gave us a bunch of pepper plants. He's the nicest guy ever, excited to see his future.

Today we did "real"missionary work all day. Had zero appointments so we did doors, street contacting and look up's all day long. But we did find 3 potentials so thats exciting:)
Exchanges! Well today i was in Zoetemeer with Elder Yocum. We got to teach an investigator the second lesson and then he let me invite her to be baptized! At first she said no not yet I  am not ready and was really unsure. So he Yocum leaned over and said Testify. So thats exactly what I did and told her why we need to be baptized and the blessing that come from it. Such a powerful spirit...well she did say she would! But not the date they wanted...still that was probably one of the most powerful moments so so cool. I love this work just being out here trying my best to help people, its incredible. This gospel truly is amazing and such a blessing. We are all so lucky be apart...Live it, Love it and share it!
Elder Hulet and I  Made some amazing homemade Pizza and Banana bread. Yeah you can call us Master Chefs alright! Oh Wait we did find a new investigator tonight as well and that was incredible.  2 in the last 3 days we are on a role:)
Well second day of Dutch church. And it was packed today! There was a Homecoming in the ward so there were a good 150 people ther. Felt like I was in Utah again except  I could still only understand half of the meeting. So church was a wholel lot better this week which was good. And tonight me and Elder Hulet totally remodeled all of our apartment its looking great.
Nice and clean remodeled apartment
Spent pretty much the whole day in Leiden doing visa stuff so no p-day. And then we played some soccer with ward members and people who were already at the park. First off I get schooled by like 10 year olds and then a bunch of like 60 year olds. It's just not fair everyone is just so good at soccer in this country!
This week has been absolutely amazing. Loving it. Learning more and more each day and coming closer to my Savior. This gospel is so true and I can not deny it, I'm so thankful O am able to be out here in Delft gathering the lost sheep. I love you all and thanks for everything. I hope all is going great back at home. Have a good week!

 Love Elder Joshua Parr

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