Thursday, August 7, 2014

Monday August 5 - Dutchies fly to the Netherlands

Monday August 5, 2014 was the best day!!

We waited patiently with my phone in my hand waiting for that handsome missionary of ours to call us.
He called when he got to the airport and it was SOOO good to hear his voice.  My cute "Kanga" whom we love so much.

Elder Parr shared the missionary purpose with us in DUTCH and he sounded so good!  With only being in the MTC for 40 days he did a wonderful job.  I recorded it too :)

The best part besides hearing his voice and how happy he is, were the pictures he sent us from the airport.  It made the day!

We sent him a disposable cell phone to talk to use so he wouldn't have to search for a phone at the airport.  It was priceless.  He was able to send us a few fun pictures.
Elder Parr and Elder Steenblik
Part of the Dutch District at the SLC Airport
Of course I tracked the plane as they flew to Detroit :)
Elder Shaw, Elder Parr and Sister Fredrickson on the flight from SLC to Detroit
They had a little lay over when they landed in Detroit.  I was able to search the layout of the airport and find a few suggestions for them to eat dinner at before their next long flight to Amsterdam. 

And we got to talk to him again.  He is so ready to get out in the field go to work!  He had a wonderful experience at the MTC and met some wonderful people that he said will be friends forever.  We are so proud of you Elder Parr. 

They boarded he plane and we were able to send a few last goodbye texts and pictures.  The phone only worked for 1 day and only in the USA.  I am so glad I have these pictures of my handsome missionary.
Selfie on the plane heading to the Netherlands.
Elder Shaw and Elder Parr ready for their long flight.
 Yep you guessed it I tracked his plane as he flew over the ocean. My heart was at ease once he landed.

On Tuesday we received an email from his mission president saying that they had arrived safely.  

Dear Families of our New Missionaries:

Sister Fredrickson, Elder Shaw, Elder Steenblik, Elder Andrew and Elder Parr arrived safely here in the Netherlands this morning.  They are currently getting some legality work done and will soon be to the Mission Home for a well needed nap.  This evening we will have a testimony meeting and fireside.  They will receive their first area assignment and who their trainer/companion will be for the coming transfer.  Please keep up with what is happening in the mission on the mission blog:

President and I are very impressed with this group.  They are solid young people.  They will be great assets to the mission.  We love them already and are so looking forward to working more closely with them.  They will fill you in with more details in their email home to you this coming Monday.

Thank you for your missionary.

Sister Robinson

** They attached a few pictures from the mission home.  Look at the windmill.  :)
Elder Parr at the mission home on Tuesday August 5, 2014
The MTC District at the mission home when they arrived to the Netherlands.

My sister came down and surprised me on Monday with her 5 kids.  She knew I needed a hug after talking to my cute missionary and knowing he would be flying across the country.  The cousins sure love him and look up to him and my cute missionary Sora Parr in so many ways.  We are truly blessed.  We took a picture with a few cousins, sisters, and one of his best friends for Elder Parr to receive in his inbox on Monday.

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