Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week 5 MTC - Last Week! Fly out Monday

Hello Everyone,

Holy cow has time absolutely flown by here at the MTC its been so great and I have loved every second of it! It's weird to think that in less then a week I will be in the Netherlands! So I can not wait for Monday! FOUR more days left here in the MTC that is crazy for me to think about I feel like I just barely got here.  As good as this place has been I am not going to lie I am beyond excited to get outside of the walls of the MTC.

Last week I went and did sealing's in the temple for the first time. We got to proxy as children and can I say that was such a cool ordinance! The lady who was acting proxy for the Mom said when I got sealed as one of the Kids she saw the Mother rejoicing in heaven when she saw that I was able to help seal her son to her. That was super powerful to me and sooo cool! I love going to the temple its an amazing place!

Today we got to Skype for our T.R.C today and that was really cool. Good experience. One thing I really liked about today is what some of our teacher who just got out of the field told us. We can and DO have success in our mission. If we go out there and do our best we are going to have success. Put our faith in the lord and good things WILL happen. I just really loved that. 

Well since its our last week here we have decided to teach both investigators every single day rather then every other. That has been both difficult and super super incredible at the same time. Teaching has grown to be one of my favorite things to do. Even though they are fake investigators it helps me so much. WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS TODAY!  So we fly out of SLC at 11 and fly to Detroit were we have an 1 1/2 layover and then fly to Amsterdam and arrive in NETHERLANDS at 8 am the next day! I am beyond excited to get out there and "GO to WORK". 

Today was a little different then the other days that we have had here. More so we didn't really have a super spiritual lesson or talk. Today was a full out immersion in the language. We haven't studied and practiced the language as much as we did today since I have been here. But that helped me soo much which is really good. We learned alot of the word and such we need to know for contacting then practiced that over and over ha ha. Now i'm just excited to get out there and go and do it! 

Sundays here are absolutely amazing love them. Priesthood, Sacrament meeting, Temple Walk, District meeting and Devotionals. SO great. The devotional was kind of just on how we can become better successful missionaries and what are goal is while out in the field. The true highlight of today was a District Inventory that we had....that's not something we usually do it's typically just Comp. inventory. But this meeting that we had was sooo spiritual and amazing. We kind of just went around the room and talked about the strengths of each individual and I know that everyone in there heard something that they needed to hear that day to help them with their struggles. Absolutely amazing thing to do for a change. 

Soccer!!!!!! These past couple of week we have been having huge games of soccer with all the zone. We got a few people from England who are way good and so fun to play with. I never realized how much fun soccer could be ha ha. Oh and how competitive it can get at times I love it though. Well once again we taught both of our Investigators today which both of the lessons went really well. The language is getting better and better every time that we teach allowing us to bear a much more powerful testimony. That helps a lot. One of our goals for this week was to practice contacting role plays. Funniest yet most helpful thing. We all played some super funny characters and some really snotty ones just to get a bunch of different outcomes and experiences. I decided little goals like that help out so so much!

We finally committed our other investigator to be baptized! It's weird how happy you get over committing a fake investigator, so in the field it must be incredible! We had really been struggling to get this investigator to commit so this lesson we decided to take a step back and talk about the Holy Ghost again, best lesson and idea we had! Taught tony about the law of chastity today and I decided those are some hard lessons to teach! But it was good to be able to practice. Well since it was my last week I couldn't miss choir and I am glad that i did't. The choir director shared something really cool with us. So imagine this both the BYU football and basketball stadium completely full, every class room packed full. That's a ton of people right. And the Likely hood to be picked as a later day missionary in heaven was ONE out of all those people. This wasn't by chance we are all here now it was by Selection. Christ individually picked each and everyone of us one by one. That's powerful! Well other then then that the devotional tonight was fantastic it was by John H. Groberg former 70 presidency he just talked about the Importance of bearing testimony and the power behind that. Really good.

Thank you all for your love and your support. I hope all is going great for each for each of you! Love you all. Next time you will be hearing from me i'll be on the other side of the world, pretty exciting to think about that. But thanks again!

Love Elder Parr


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