Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week 1 in MTC - Holy Cow!

Well guys I survived the first week of the MTC! It has been an incredible experience thus far and I am learning to love it here! 

WEDNESDAY: Well to say the least the first day here was quite hectic. I Walk into class to people only speaking Dutch to me and having absolutely no idea what they were saying haha! My district has 6 people in it 5 elders and one sister. I found out I was in a trio companionship with Elder Andrew and Elder Steenblik, they are both super cool so I lucked out. We have had some pretty funny bonding moments the first day. After I found out who my companions were we all got introduced to our zone and let me tell you our zone is straight up the best! One of my Zone leaders actually is from Dixie, Elder Featherstone and we knew some of the same people and have gotten really close over the past week which is awesome he is a stud! Every night our residence hall has like rap offs and sing offs its hilarious!!. Our very first day like 2 hours into the MTC we already started learning how to teach investigators, we went to 3 different thing called "people and purpose" and as a group of the new missionaries taught 3 different investigators.

THURSDAY: Day two was awesome I kinda got to get some of the stress out playing some ball with the zone. There are some people who can play so its super fun! It was also the first time I had to teach a lesson to the class the teacher asked me to go over a slide show with the class.  We got to meet with the branch presidency to today and talk a little more about the purpose of being a missionary and that was an awesome experience the spirit was so strong as he explained to us the power of being of good missionary and fulfilling our purpose. I'm sure all of you know all the little things elders hide in the outlets and stuff well we looked tonight and found some long going traditions, juggling balls, nerf guns and all sorts of weird stuff. Oh and heard about the rumors of "Magic Tuesday"....Yeah that was just ehhh.

FRIDAY: The hard stuff hit hard. Our very first class we just started pounding though the language and trying to learn all we could so we could teach "Robert" our investigator in DUTCH. Yeah crazy huh?! third day in an already trying to teach in Dutch. Well That was quite the experience but for only being here for three days and already being able to testify of the truthfulness of the gospel to him and that God loves and know him individually in Dutch was was incredible. With the help of a book of course. Also got my first packages and letters today which were super nice and makes me feel loved:p Thank you :) Everyone here is just so loving and friendly and willing to help! I love it!

SATURDAY: Saturday came so fast it felt like I just got here and the next thing I knew it was saturday. Thus far the MTC had been really good but hard at the same time. I mean the spirit is everywhere here which is amazing but its also hard adjusting to a WHOLE new life so fast. We had our second lesson with Robbert today and we taught him about the book of Mormon. It went a little bit better then the first lesson. We could say and understand a little bit more which was helpful. 

SUNDAY: WOW! Sundays here are super nice because you can kind of relax from your language studies and class and really have time to study and learn more about the Gospel which was super nice. Our branch president challenged us to have the Book of Mormon finished by the time we left the MTC so I was just studying that. Sunday night devotional was really good. It talked about how everyday we have a choice to decide whether its going to be a good, bad or great day and how when everything is saying that you can't we need to find the part of us that is saying we can! That statement was sooo cool the whole room instantly was filled with the spirit! One last thing we were told is to "Finish EVERY race that you enter" that was awesome!
Sunday night Film. HOLY COW!! it was absolutely amazing. It was a talk given by Elder Bednar titled Characteristics of Christ. Yeah he kind of ripped us apart and told us a whole lot of amazing advice you should go watch it cause its amazing!

MONDAY: First day of service in the MTC. We got the "opportunity" i guess to clean some bathrooms yay so fun lol. In class today we just learned about the fundamentals of being a good missionary. And we taught Robert about faith in the lord Jesus Christ and can i tell you that the Gift of Tongues is soo real its amazing how the spirit can work through you.

TUESDAY: yay for magic Tuesday.....yeah if you don't know what magic Tuesday is you wouldn't understand but those that do would know how ummm yeah weird of an experience that was.  Today we taught Robbert and we could talk to him better but it seems like he forgot all we had already taught him which kinda sucks.. so hopefully he will come back around. Me and Elder Higby went and sang in the choir for the devotional today. I saw Bow Bow there too so that was fun. Can I just say that the choir is amazing and music is sooo powerful! The speaker for the devotional was given by President Snow a former 70 and he did a really good job! 
Key Points:
1. Study in Faith
2. CONVERT to Christ
3. Draw near to him and he will draw near unto us
4. There is to much at stake to live the gospel halfheartedly in this day in age 
5. If you are going to make the choice you Need to place the filters
7.  When we allow Christ to change our hearts he can empower us to change others
8 Make sacrifices to become closer to Christ. 
9. Return with honor

Well to say the least I am Loving it here! An incredible place to be at this time in my life. I do miss St.George and all of you but I know this is where i'm supposed to be! 

Love Elder Parr

Trio Compantionship - left - Elder Adams right - Elder Steenblik
In my Zone - Elder Featherstone from Dixie
My MTC District
SC Warrior Missionary Buddies 

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