Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 4 MTC - Almost Done & ready to Fly to the Netherlands/Belguim

Hallo Idereen, 

This week has probably been one of the best weeks that I have had here. And thats hard to say because every week here has been absolutely amazing! I'm Learning so much here and making some great friends and amazing memories as I do. So here are some highlights from my week!

Well since I have been here every P-day the temple has been closed. Not this week!:) Today I got to go to the Provo temple with my zone and do and Endowment session. I saw the brand new video and that was really good! The temple is a whole different experience when you are in there with 60 other missionaries, so cool!! And can I just say that EVERY time that you go you learn more and more and more. Amazing place. Well besides the temple, we got 12 new Danes(Denmark) this week. They are awesome elders!

A few quick highlights from today, so this morning we taught our investigator Tony. But we did it different then we usually do. Instead of just poring a message out to him we listened with love and just tried to help him. Let me tell ya, that is the way to do it! The spirit was absolutely INCREDIBLE as we taught him and truly tried to help him.T.R.C this week was cool because we got to teach a family that was from the Netherlands! They were here on a vacation so we just chatted with them and it was really really neat.

Today we taught our other investigator Lieka about Baptism, and the Holy Ghost. That went so well and she wants to be baptized so she's gonna pray and see if she needs to.  Tonight Elder Jensen and I played some pig in my room and lets just say he might of said that he beat me but really he needs all the practice that he can get! I love being able to have my best friends in the MTC with me, it great!

I think today I decided that even though our investigators are fake, I really LOVE teaching. I grow from it just as much as those we teach do, its great. But the real highlight of tonight was A lesson that we had with Sister Moses. "Just as important as what you do is who you are!" I really loved that. For all you missionaries reading this or future missionaries, God called YOU to be a missionary he didn't call a robot missionary version of you he called you! We are called to represent one our Families and Two Our savior Jesus Christ, our first names not on our name tag we aren't here to represent ourselves so keep that in mind.  So we got challenged by Sister Moses to make a "Conversion Map" of our lives. Starting with birth then events that happened in our lives that made us who we are today. If you were to take it off you wouldn't be yourself. Try it, its amazing!

Best part of today was definitely the devotional that we had. T.C Christensen gave it, and he is the one who filmed 17 miracles and a lot of other church films. Favorite part of that was a little parable of the wolves. We are surrounded by them and we are attracted to them we test ourselves and see how close we can get. But what we don't know is those things will kill us. So the two ways to deal with it 1: GET out of there! but if you cant do that 2: We have got to stand strong and get in their faces and Intimidate them, make them never want to come back! 
I loved that haha. 

This morning was a sad morning! Today we had to say goodbye to all the Sweeds! 26 of them! That was sad because I have grown so close to them! But the best part of today was a role play, yes a role play we had with Brother Norton. I didn't think that it was possible you could be so in tune with the spirit in a role play when I got here I always thought those were really not realistic. Well boy was I wrong, the goal of this specific one was to recognize and relying 100% on the spirit. We had 0 lesson prepared and we had to go in and teach. Well we did just that and that was by far the best lesson that we had, i'm not saying don't prepare but rely on the spirit! Coolest thing for me personally. 

Two main Highlights One: We committed Tony to be baptized on August 9th even though it was fake it was a really cool experience. And Two was the devotional tonight. It was given by Elder Ellis of the Seventy and his wife and kids. One last analogy haha so he told us " We are all on a Train Or Canoe of the kingdom.( I like the boat so i,m going to go with that). There are going to be times in our lives when we want to get off, DONT DO IT! we will miss out if we do. We are blessed to be on this boat. Once you get off its not always easy to get back on. Yes we are going to have to do our part to get this Canoe moving, but if we give it our all the lord will do the rest and make the journey worth it!" That was something that I personally really liked so I thought I would just share it.

Well, that's about all that went on this week, other then of course the good times in the RES, Hall after class when the Elders and I always find something fun to do. Whether telling jokes, nerf guns, games or just good talks always a good time. I hope that all of you are doing great! And thank you all for the support and prayers. You're all great so thanks again.

Love Elder Parr


Our Mom's, Family and Friends sure LOVE US!!!

Elder Fetherstone, Elder Jensen, and Elder Parr
SC Warrior Missionaries
Elder Tom Jensen, Joe Empey, Hunter Lindsey, Josh Parr, Navy Dalton, Bowman Loo, Braxton Kunde, Weston Esplin

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