Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 11 Delft - Its official everyone I am a true Dutchy!

Hello Everyone,
I don't even know where to begin this week has been so crazy. Rain storms, missed trains, new companion, Chinese and so much more! I just love my mission more and more everyday. The Netherlands is where I am meant to be. The people are hilarious, the weather is unpredictable and the gospel is spreading! Love it. Here is my week for you all...

Today was my last P-day with Elder Hulet which was kinda sad to be honest. We sure grew close to each other and made some good Memories. Noting to crazy happened today but tonight at Gezins Avond one of the Jofo's tried to teach us all a dance and it was the greatest thing ever. Just picture 8 missionaries and a bunch of young adults trying to do some high school musical type dance, we all looked so uncoordinated it was great!

Today was a day to remember that's for sure. So it was my last District meeting with Elder Yocom and it was sooo good but the best part is what followed. For about the past 3 weeks I have been trying to get the District to eat haring and have been messing with Elder and Sister Roming and jokingly said today is the day after district meeting....well yeah it actually happened. It was probably the most disgusting thing that I have eaten and of course since I was the one who made everyone do it they all made sure that I ate the entire fish. I will attach the video so you all can see for yourself...enjoy :) But non the less it was worth it for the memory and the picture! And I officially became a true Dutchy!  (This is common for people to eat in Netherlands) Tonight we were just saying goodbye to people for Hulet and then we ran by Josh's and he ended up being home. So we got in and he made us some African soup....really interesting as well but it was so good. The spirit was right so we decided to shoot for a baptismal date and we got one! December 20th a while away but non the less it was amazing. Love that man!  Today was my last night with Hulet so we stayed up nice and late sharing stories and memories and such, I sure did get blessed with a great trainer. Sad to see him go but Elder Lee is great too.

This morning I sent Hulet off to Hangalo and picked up Elder Lee. Not a whole lot happened after that because he had to get all his stuff settled in and such. But hey guess what I can officially speak some Chinese already. He taught me how to stop someone on the street in Mandarin  and also how to say the churches name. I still remember it so Its official I am part Chinese :p

First full day with Elder Lee was fantastic. But hey mom guess what we ran 4 miles this morning and we averaged a 5:35 second mile. I thought you would be proud that I am still exercising every day:) But today we did a lot of contacting and I never noticed how many Asians were in Delft Until Lee came. I love it. We got so many great potentials today it was great. Met the nicest African Lady ever and had a little miracle too. So we were biking to an appointment and were stopped at a light with a guy next to us. Decided to say hey and it turns out it was one of Josh's best friends who came with him form Ghana and said we could come and teach him. So cool right? The Lord sure works in mysterious ways!

95% of today was spent in Den Haag, which was fun. We had correlation and then did some contacting here because Elder Lee had Chinese lessons to give later. And I decide that I would jump in and learn some Chinese. Its great so funny though. Tom when we get home I'll be speaking to you in Chinese just you wait haha. But tonight there was a birthday party for some less actives and Elder Lee and I cooked and it turned out so good! Everyone loved it. And we played some werewolf because everyone here absolutely loves that game. Its actually super fun though I love it!

First off the Super stroop waffel Saturday tradition lives on! Always the best way to start of the day. Can't beat a nice stoop waffel that's cooked right in front of you in the streets of Delf, to good! We had a lesson with Alice, the super nice African lady we met, and it was so funny. This women is like 58 years old and is the most lively person in the world. Had the funniest laugh that I have ever heard and the best sense of humor! We walk in and there was food for us, right after we just ate lunch haha, but it was good. Then we had a super powerful restoration lesson with her. Its amazing how without fail the spirit always comes when we bear testimony of the truthfulness of the restoration, its a testimony builder to me every time! Then we had a lesson with a Less active named Grace. She is from the Philippians and is also super nice and hilarious. Oh and guess what she made a ton of food for us too. How we finished all this food today I have no idea, some miracle I guess. Because every bite I took I thought i was going to die and the second my plate was clear she just put more on. Luckily it was good! Then we had to HAUL to Joshes to make it to a lesson with him that was amazing as well. He is such a good investigator love him. Then tonight there was another baptism for Americo the father of the girl who got baptized last week. That was super good as well of course. Its so great seeing people make that step and the the light that just fills them when they finally do! The gospel is so true!

Really good day today. Josh came to church again and that was great. I love it, he just stands at the door with us and greets all the members as they walk in like we do. He is making so many friends its great! He loved church again and is just golden! Tonight we had dinner with the bishop and his family and that was fun as always. But later we got home a little early before our appointment so we decided to look up one of our investigators Qian and he usually doesn't let us in because he is so busy then Elder Lee went all Chinese on him and I tried to go all Chinese on him (I am sure you know how that went) and he let us right in! We were able to have a solid lesson with him and he invited us back again. Its cool he is now making time for us. Really exciting. After Qian we had a lesson with Estella and that was so great! So we reactivated Estella and now have a date set for October 23rd to go through the temple with her and get her endowments out!!!!!! I seriously can not wait to go, I am so glad she made the step finally I already know its going to be an amazing experience.
Well there is my week for you all in a nut shell. I am loving my mission so much. And its crazy there were a couple days this week that were just one of those days you know not the best. But then we just went out and got to work and before I knew it I was having the time of my life. Really just made me think of President Hickelys quote "Lose yourself and go to work" its amazing how true that statement is. I never saw it before my mission but now I have a solid testimony of it! Love you all and thanks for the love and the support! You are all the best. Have an amazing week and remember The Church is True!

Westvest 77
2611 AZ Delft, Netherlands

Love, Elder Parr


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