Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 10 Delft - Expect the Unexpected

Hello Everyone,
This week has been crazy, from spiritual highs to unexpected news, to days full of knocking doors to only lessons, from sunshine to pouring rain and from plently of trains to none. That probably says a little about my week. This week has truly been another fantastic one non the less. So happy that I can be a part of Gods army in the GREATEST mission in the world. Sorry everyone but you just can't beat the Netherlands;) Well here is my week for you.

Probably one of the funnest days of the mission. So since last Monday was interview with President we took our P-day today. And it was amazing. Elder Hulet, Elder Lee, Elder Denpai, Elder and Sister Romig and I all went to a place called Madurodom. It's a minit of all of the huge sight seeing places all over the country. We got to see everything in miniature form. This place was so incredibly detailed we were all blown away and probably took like 5,000 pictures. So I am going to have one happy mom:) But after our adventure through the mini city we all ate at a KFC, that's right good ol' American food! It was amazing to say the least. Then tonight we had a lesson with Sarab which was actually more of a review but went super well! She was super open to us and we could see the want she had to believe what we were telling her. She just said it's hard to let go of everything she has been born and raised with. Which obviously makes sense. But she is getting to were she can finally make that step to let it go and believe. That was amazing for me to see. It's amazing how two young men with the spirit can change someones whole life because of this wonderful Gospel and His beautiful plan. Really cool to see happen. Funny story, we were out on the street contacting and ran into two BYU professors on the streets of Delft. It was awesome talking to them two awesome men!

First day of October baby!! Its crazy how fast time is going out here, already love it! Funny story so Broeder De Jonge called us and the Den Haag elders today and asked if we could help him move some stuff. So we go over in our missionary clothes thinking its not gonna be anything to big. Well we show up and there are ten 150 Kilo stone squares that he needed move. Holy cow they were so heavy to say the least. But it was funny when we all got done all of our white shirts were just covered in black dust and sand. We looked like true misisonaries. super funny. Then we had to go straight to the scherfs for dinner with them and the Romigs. They just made fun of us and our black white shirts haha. I love the Scherfs they are great!

A good solid morning we were able to give out two Book of Mormons so that was exciting. And tonight we brought Josh to institute and he LOVED It. I love working with Josh he is seriously the coolest guy! It was cool having him there and watching him meet so many members and build friendships with them. Super important as I am sure you all know, member missionaries helps us missionaries out in the field have great success.

Today I was on exchanges with Elder Ames for Idaho. It was awesome. A entire day of all sorts of contacting and pretty dang successfull. Gave out three book Of Mormons and tons of cards. Got some good potentials, which was awesome! Had two 40 minute lessons in the street. Never had that happen before, so that was really fun actually! Oh and also today marked day 100!! crazy:) I love my mission so much, sure lucked out on the greatest place. Learning and growing more then I ever thought I would. Ever so grateful for this oppurtuntiy to serve with all of my other Brothers all around the world!

The day of many emotions! Today started off amazing we picked up our investigator Josh and took him to a Baptism. Illyza one of the ZL's investigators got baptized today and that was soo so cool. It was amazing seeing people make that step. And when the ordinance actually happened there was one of the strongest spirits ever, it was undeniable. Josh loved it so much and wants to eventually make that same step! I am excited to help him eventually do just that. After the baptism came the unexpected news...So in our mission the office elders transfer is 3 weeks into the transfer. Well due to that our whole district changed. Elder Yocom my old district leader is now an office elder. Elder Hulet my comp. and the best trainer ever is heading to Hangalo on Wednesday. I am sure going to miss him he was such a great guy and we have had some amazing times!  I am excited at the same time Elder Lee the chinnese Elder in Den Haag is now coming to Delft to serve with me! The change is crazy but I know that its what is supposed to happen. So of course I'm gonna do my best to make the best out of it. Excited to see all the miracle and blessing that come with it. Tonight we all watched conference. It was different here. We got to watch Saturday night live here at 6 p.m.that's all we watched on Saturday. Also Elder Hulet and I became the first missionaries ever to eat at the Scherf's house two times in one day. They just love us I guess;)

Full day of General Conference:) This morning was the priesthood session at 11 and before all the Brothers of the ward had a big breakfast at the church which was awesome! The priesthood session was absolutely incredible I thought. It was definitely different not being with my dad and my Grandpas and Uncles. But also being a missionary, everything said has a different meaning to me now I am on my mission. Alot of things that I thought were really meant for me. Loved it. Then after that we watched the Saturday Afternoon session which was also amazing. And then the Sunday morning session at 6 pm here. Both of those sessions where so so good. I loved the themes of this conference, Love on another, Prophets and the sacrament. At least those are the ones I got. All of the talks were amazing but there was one part that was spiritually the most powerful to me. I think it was in elder Eyrings talk, when he told us the story about our Prophet Thomas S. Monson and when he truly walked as Jesus did. When He gave away the suits and clothes that he had with him and then it says even the shoes that were on his feet. Can't you just picture this and then President Monson walking through the airport in slippers. He loves us so much, he is an example to me, He is the living Prophet of God. No doubt about it. Really loved conference as I am sure all of you did as well!
Thats the week for yeah. Thank you all for your love and support! The Church is True, President Monson is our Prophet  Jesus Christ is our loving Savior and Redeemer, don't ever forget it:) Isn't the Gospel such a happy thing? Love it and love you all! Have an amazing week!

Elder Parr

This picture is for you mom <3 you
Elder Hulet, Elder Lee (my new companion) and me making dumplings.  

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