Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 8 Delft - D & C 6:36 "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.

Goede Dag iederen!!
This week has been so good to me, full of a variety of things and just a good solid time. It was PERFECT weather for an entire week. Yes a whole 7 days. That never happens, so that alone was fantastic hah. Had a couple cool miracles happen in the district and the mission is just on a high right now. I just feel so blessed being able to serve the Lord at this time. Couldn't be any better. Toured the beautiful city of Delft with all of the other Elders and Sisters in the area. Got to ball it up with all the members and all that good stuff. Here's some of the week:

Just one quick little funny story to start off, so when all the district came to Delft and the time came to go home, the Den Haag elders relized they were going to be way late. So trying to be good friends we Acter roeped(Someone just sits on the back of your bike on the little rack thing)  them all the way to the other side of the centrum. So elder Hulet and I take elder Lee and Denpai and I have Denpai on the back of my bike a little suriname Elder. And just as we are going to the street to get to the station he goes "Hey lets try and ride a wheelie"and me being myself am like okay why not? Well not thinking that I have a lot more weight on the back I go for it anyway, I bet you can guess what happened. The bike flies out from under us and there lay the two Mormons laughing their heads of in the middle of the street while everyone else is laughing at us. To funny!

This afternoon Hulet and I met a new LA named Brother Rombley the funniest old man on the planet. We walk in and he is just shirtless but doesn't care so that was great. Told us all about this invention of his, seriously the funnest appointment ever, but it wasn't all just fun and games no worries. We got him to really open up to us and really had the spirit there super strong. He now wants to start coming to church which is so cool. We also had another lesson with Sarah. We taught her the Plan of Salvation, a solid lesson. But a super hard lesson to teach at the same time. But luckily we had good ol'Boeder Jansen with us because he sure knows his stuff and has the Dutch down to explain it a lot better than us. But she absolutely loved the lesson, hoping to set a date for her this coming week.

This was my first zone training since I have been out and it was soo good. I don't really want to ramble on and preach to you all about what was taught but just thought I would say It was amazing. The Lord loves us all and is always there for us! I know that. After zone training walking home guess what I found a weed package, like what the! Only in the Netherlands I am telling ya. It's terrible everyone here smokes.

This morning was great, Micha Invited us over to a place where he volunteers. And invited us to make a bunch of Pinatas for little kids. I made a good looking bird I'll be sure to put a picture of it on there. But that was a fun time. Tonight at my dinner appointment I ate some pretty weird thingsI don't know what they are called and have never seen anything like them but boy was that sure and adventure.

Nothing to cool today, I had my last trip down to Brussels, Belgium to get my visa card which took up most of the day. But mom and dad, listen up because you are not going to believe this. Tonight at a dinner appointment guess what I ate, a bunch of chopped up sardines and veggies rolled up in a pancake. Yes I ate fish, I am overcoming my fears. Or it could be that since I am a missionary God is helping me hold down food that I would normally never eat. After that meal I got a testimony of that lol. :) Tonight we had a lesson with Arie and Estella. We just read alma 32 with him and he loved it, loves this gospel, but doesn't want to make the comittment to come to church. You see that alot here that people always say It's further then the church I go to now so i think I''ll stay at mine. Which kinda sucks. But a cool thing, Estella, a LA had a interview with the bishop and has her recommend to go and get her Endowment out now. We have got her reactivated and now its sooo cool to see her make that step. I CAN"T wait to go with her to the temple that's going to be something to remember I can already tell.

This morning we got to go over and be at the party thing were all of our pinatas were so that was cool to see them being used. We taught Josh the 2nd lesson and it went really well. he had a lot of questions but seems to have no trouble believing it, which is a miracle, we lucked out with him! Then tonight the ward had a huge ward party, BBQ and activities and all us missionaries were invited too. I love my ward so much they are so cool, I really lucked out with a good first ward thats for sure. Got showed up by all the Europeans in soccer again or should I say futbol, but hey they are teaching me the ways, so all you soccer players back home better watch out;)

Just another good fast sunday nothing to exciting happened for the most part today. Except my stomach would not stop grawling all meeting long, it was fantastic lol. I made my first phone call today were I understood everything and had a conversation that actually made sense. It was a miracle. That really built not only my confidence but my faith in the promise of the gift of tounges, I have been constaltly praying and fasting for the gift of tounges and studying the language and doing my part. And what do you know, the lord Always always keeps his promise's. So that was really cool for me to see. On last thing. so tonight walking back to our apartment after some contacting get this, Elder Hulet and I got egged, yup you heard me right egged. We were both dying though, I mean we easily could of gotten mad but instead just laughed about it. Thats one thing I have learned out here is that Attitude is everything. There is no need to let yourself down because you can always find somethings to be happy about. Just like the song "Count Your Many Blessings" the blessings are there, we just have to realize them and be happy!
Well thank you all for the letters and the emails this week. I couldn't do this without all of you so thanks you! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week. The church Is true!
Love, Elder Parr

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