Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 7 Delft start of 2nd transfer - What a Wonderful Time to be a Missionary!

Hello Everyone,

Missionary life is always full of adventures! Another fantastic week here in Delft. Tons of things that were going on, finding success and a whole lot more. First week in the land were it hasn't rained once. Yeah you heard me right not once, its a miracle. The weather has been so nice and I am loving it. Here is my week for you all:

Today was our last district meeting with the original gang. So of course we made it a big deal;) But before I go to the crazy stuff, I just wanted to add that I love the spirit in district meetings. We did some role plays and we all had our senior missionary couples crying like crazy, the spirit was so strong, I love it. Okay back to the other part, so today we lost 3 sisters in our district so we all went out to eat at a super sweet restaurant called Vapianos, so lecker. But get this so this restaurant is in the middle of Den Haag Centrum and right when we finished up eating we walk outside and there are like 5,000 people. Turns out that it was Queen day and the the King, Queen and Princess would be touring the centrum in the golden carriage and we got to see it! That was so cool all these military people everywhere, old school horse riders with guns. Awesome sight. After all the fun and games were done and we made it back to Delft we had a truly amazing lesson with our Investigator Sarab. We had Brother Jansen there with us and that was a blessing to say the least. We taught the first lesson and talked about baptism and she said she wants to become baptized but she doesn't want to set a date yet. Which kind of stunk. But none-the less the spirit during our lesson with her was amazing, I have learned to love teaching so much greatest opportunity ever!

Today was a whole lot of all kinds of contacting gave out a ton of cards and some Books of Mormon. Funny story though, so we passed a house that had pictures of Christ and stuff on the window so we decide what the heck why not knock it. Turns out that this lady was freaking phsyco and she sat and preached to us for like 20 minutes. Kept on telling us that the Book of Mormon was written by Satan and stuff like that. It really just made me greatful for the Book of Mormon and my testimony of it. I am just glad that no matter what anyone says thats just something that they can't take away from me. Oh and right when we were leaving she said you guys knocked on my door expecting to convert me but turns out I am the one converting you haha we so wanted to throw it down but thats not what we are here for. But it was tempting lol.

We had an awesome time doing service this morning. So this family who is from California moved here and called us up to help them flatten like 500 boxes no joke soooooo many. But they were one of the nicest families ever they have a kid our age preparing for a mission and stuff so we got invited back for a family night! Can't wait. And we also had another dinner appointment with Dan and Emma Pesschier, seriously the perfect role models for member missionaries. Best family ever always the best times with them. Yeah so elder Hulet and I ran a 3k tonight and almost died. I thought I was In shape but I guess not. Biking shape is was different then running shape it turns out lol. :)

Funniest morning of my life! So we had corrilation this morning and Brother and Sister Romig were there for the first time, seriously hilarious. They started and just watching them try and figure out what the heck was going on and speaking Dutch and like 10 things going on at the same time was just to good. But they did it. I love them, they are the best senior couples ever. Nicest people. We had a lesson with Brother Monte tonight he was our less active but we have had him at church the last 5 weeks now. But that was awesome we just practiced the restoration lesson with him and that was easily the best Dutch I have ever spoken in my life. It felt so good:) And a bonus, he finally opened up and told us that he wants us to come and teach his friend who we have been asking about for weeks. That's later on today so I hope it goes well! Then we had a lesson with our new investigator Arie, the spirit was so strong. We challenged him to be baptized and he said yes, the date is not finalized yet but still so exciting. We are seeing so much success right now I couldn't be more grateful.

Of course we had our weekly super "stroop waffle" to begin the day off right. I love the Delft market it is so beautiful. Today was just weekly panning and transfer goal setting for the most part nothing to exciting. But I did have the most awkward dinner appointment of my life. Oh it was so bad haha. The things that you run into as a missionary is just great.

First investigator in church!!! So Josh came to church today and that was the greatest feeling ever to finally have an investigator there. He absolutely LOVED church and we lucked out because the three talks today were amazing couldn't have been a better first sacrament meeting. He loved the people and the environment. So golden. We are going to invite him to be baptized this Thursday he has already pretty much said he wanted to so I cant wait! He is keeping all of his commitments and reading the Book of Mormon too. Hulet and I seriously lucked out with him, he calls us his brothers. I am super excited for whats in store with Josh!

Awesome week for us here in Delft. So blessed to be having all this success. So one more thing today us and a few other missionaries from Den Haag toured the massive castle things in the Centrum. And might I just say I think that I have the most beautiful mission in the world. Seriously it is so pretty. That building was just mind blowing.

Well I hope that all of you have an amazing week. Thanks for all of the support that you give to us missionaries you have no idea how much we appreciate it! You're all the best. God bless you! The Church is true!

Love Elder Parr


The whoop says: Dunking in your own neighborhood?

The whoop says: Dunking in your own neighborhood?

Beautiful City of Delft 
Best District Ever
Eating at Vapianos with the district.
Start of the parade for the King and Queen and Princes touring Delft Centrum

Like real soldiers so cool.
The King and Queen in the Gold Carriages and another had the Princess in.

The Green Machine
Biking in the Netherlands
Working on the Golf Swing - at a golf store.
This is for you Allie Oops :)
The Ice Age squirrel - love that movie
Pepper challenge aftermath....?
 Waiting for a bus with the Den Haag Elders

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