Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 6 Delft - Transfer Week! I get stay in Delft :)

Hello Everyone!
Well I can't believe it, I lasted my first transfer! Time has really flown by out here, days feel like weeks yet weeks feel like days. It seemed like yesterday I was getting dropped off at the MTC and now I am on transfer number two. Crazy. 

This past week has been another amazing week here in Delft for Elder Hulet and I. From days full of service to Elder Ballard Mission conference to good ol'missionary work! Oh and you can't forget the big basketball and Ping pong P-day tournaments. Always a good time.

After P-day today we had jofos at the church (youngmen\women type thing) and on our way back from that Elder Hulet and I were making some goals we wanted to accomplish for the week and one of them was more member present lessons. To say the least, we had a little tender mercy and it was so cool. We get off the train and are walking through the Centrum when Dan Perscheir walks by and stops us and talks with us. And one of the first things he said is "Hey is there anytime I could come joint teach with you guys, you need to call me more often I know i'm busy but its worth a shot!"  Like how cool is that, such a cool little miracle if you ask me.

A nice long morning of contacting this morning. But after some leker contacting The Romigs (senior couple in our area) dropped by to do an apartment check. Mom, Dad, you better be listening to this one. They told us that we had the cleanest apartment that they had seen by far! So we to say the least we were pretty proud of ourselves. :) Tonight we had a lesson with our less active member Tom and we decided to take Bro. Monte with us. Best idea that we ever had. So I think I have already told you this but Tom is not all the way there he has some memory loss and during the lesson Bro. Monte was just throwing it down like a champ on him. Invited him to the Elder Ballard Conference and all, He is such a stud, nicest guy you'll ever meet!

Ths afternoon we went over to Michas and helped him out in his little garden for a little bit and then talked about the Book Of Mormon. Actally super cool experince. He had a lot of questions and we were able to find the answers to almost all in the scriptures and give back a powerful answer. That was such a testimony builder for me personally just seeing the power behind the Book Of Mormon. A very spiritaual lesson with him. He is finally starting to soften up and listen and try after being an investigator for like 8 months I think. So cool to watch that happen right in front of me. I also finally got to meet our investigator Qian, he is a young Asain kid studying here at TU Delft. Soo so positive and sincere. He is going to be one we try and set a Baptisamal date sometime in the near future. Oh and tonight we made some good old American pigs in a Blanket! Yumm.  

Mission Conference day!!!! So today we had our mission conference with Elder Ballard, Elder Dyches and Elder Halstrom. Definetly a day that I think changed my mission for me and a lot of other people. Definetly one of the most spiritual days of my mission! The power behind the voice of an Apostle of the Lord is absolutely amazing. He taught us so many things on how to become not only better missionaries but better children of God. And said some things that really impacted a lot of missionaries. He also made a big announcement for our mission. So about a 3 months ago a ward mission leader found out a way to use social media to our advantage. The Netherlands is one of the biggest if not the biggest social media countries. And because of the HUGE success this mission saw from that we are now becoming an ipad mission which is pretty cool. I really do think that is going to change how successful this place is after hearing all of the reasoning behing it from Elder Ballard and the others. But tonight we also had another confernce for the stake I am serving in with Elder Ballard. Yet another amazing few hours of listening to these powerful speakers. We had a few people come with us and went out saying that "That man is a servant of God and this is the true gospel." How much more of a miracle could you ask for? So thankful for that experience. It was also super fun getting to know a whole lot of the other missionaries today, we have some pretty amazing people out here. Oh and guess what there are two Elder Parrs!! Just watch we are going to be companions, that would be hilarious:)

Today was a rather busy day but a different kind of busy. We had some coralation this morning, best Ward mission leader ever! And then it was a less active members birthday and he invited the Elders in the ward over to celebrate. So nice, its always nice to just have a little time to relax and have fun. And can I say this Surinamer  knew how to have fun and cook. So of course it was a good time!

A day full of service! This morning all 6 Elders and the 2 sisters all did service for a family here. We pretty much remodeled their house 100% (they sure had a lot of trust in us missionaries) I mean from repainting the whole thing to rearranging bedrooms and cabinets all that good stuff. But it was such a fun time just seeing the smiles on their faces as they saw there house coming together. Always a good feeling. And then later tonight we got inivited by Micha to go over with him to help Mica one of his friends with her alotment garden and then have dinner. He has never invited the missionaries to do something like this before or to feed us so that was cool! So after service Mica made some homemade Italian pizza (Best meal I have had since I have been out here) and just sat and talked with us. So the whole time she was saying she had no interest in religion and then towards the end started asking all of these questions about what we believe in and showing a ton of interest. Like how cool is that? Well then Micha, Elder Hulet and I did another pepper eating challenge, and can I say I am never doing one again. These things were hot for a solid hour. But I am offically the pepper eating champion, last one to eat or drink something. So that was an accomplishment. :p

A day of simple little miracles! After church a lady named Maria came and asked Elder Hulet and I if we would help with some blessings. So of course we said yes. The first three were some of her friends and their kids and a member did that. Then it was her turn, she looked at me and Hulet and asked if we would do the blessing. She asked him to do the anointing and me the sealing and blessing. First thought in my head was I have never given a blessing I don't know if I can do this. But of course I said yes. Well that was probably one of the coolest things that I have ever done, I honestly felt like I was literally being told what to say as I gave this blessing. A very powerful and spiritual experience. Well when we were done she asked if I could take a picture with her because she wanted to remember this memory. Probably the coolest feeling ever seeing that all happen and being able to be a part of it. Just made me want to that much more always be worthy for the priesthood! Then tonight we recieved a referral so and we were going to look him up. Well we went to the wrong address but ended up in an area right by a less active African women named Estella. She let us in and her friend was there. We ended up giving her friend a Book Of Mormon and having a powerful lesson. We were meant to get lost. We walked out the door and this referral called us. We went over to his house and met him. His name is Josh and he is from Gana africa. We gave the entire first lesson and I have never seen someone have so much desire to learn more about the gospel. He told us he has been sad everyday for the past 3 years and then after our lesson was the first time he has been happy in that long. One of the most spiritual moments on my mission. He is a GOLDEN investigator sooo excited to see what happens with him. So yeah to me this was a day full of miracles! and the best way to finish off a good week!
So thats my week for ya. Sorry for the long email just had a lot to say this week. Thank you all for everything you do and all the support! I hope you have a great week! The Chruch Is True!!
Love, Elder Parr


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