Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 5 Delft - Hallo Family

Delft, Netherlands
Hello everybody! Another fantastic week here in Delft! Many more memories made, miracles and just good times. The work here is finally starting to get back up and moving, we have all of our investigators back from there like 3 month long vacations. I guess thats common over here in Europe. So yeah, thats exciting news. Transfer calls are already here pretty much, and thats insane I feel like I just barely got here. But I really hope that I stay here in Delft with Elder Hulet, we just get along so well and are doing some good things here. 

Here are some of the things that happened this week.

Exchanges with Elder Yocom round two! So today was district meeting for us and lucky me got put in charge of teaching the Christlike attribute for the week! That was fun, and a good experience. But after that Elder Yocom and I headed off to Delf. Yup no Elder Hulet, I was the man in charge of Delft for the day. That was a little frightening at first because I had only been here for a couple weeks and still not sure where most things are. But by some miracle we didn't get lost. We had a cool little miracle though, so after our lookups we had nothing else to do so we were going to contact of course. We walk out the door and the mailman is there and stops us as we are riding off and tells us that he wants to meet with us, gave us his information and an appointment for next sunday so thats exciting. And one more, we were just about to head home because it was getting late, but we decide to know 4 more doors. And the 3rd door that we knocked we got ourselves a 17 year old investigator named Miguel. This kid is sooo positive and really love the Elders and he made an appointment with us on the spot the next day. Such a stud. That was really cool miracle. We then had a nice dinner appointment on the other end of Delft were i have never been so we were bound to get lost, But just our luck a member who lived in the area pulled up on his bike and showed us the way. Like how lucky can we get. I just love seeing all of the little tender mercies from the Lord in my everyday life. Even the small ones are big!

Well this afternoon Mich came over to our appartment(permission of course) and helped us make a garden on our Balcony! Yeah, how cool is that? I mean its nothing fancy but hey we got ourselves a garden. After that we went and taught Miguel the first lesson. That was such a cool experience and the spirit was so strong. Half the time I had no idea what i was saying but yet he understood me. The gift of tounges is real! But Miguel is really positive and we are hoping to set a baptism date with him next lesson. So thats exciting! We also got Brother Monte to come to Elder Ballard thing with us thurday night so thats exciting.

A whole lot of doors and not even one potential. Long morning, but hey thats sometimes how it goes I guess. But luckily for us after a long morning we got our first referal so that was awesome. Went and looked him up, he was really busy at the moment but said we could come back so lets hope that goes somewhere. We had a lesson with Gek-a- Tom tonight, an old man with memory loss, less active member. He is so funny though always a good laugh with him.

When service calls we come running! Haha, so bright and early this morning we got a call saying that a member had to be moved out of his house by 3 today. So of course we got the misionaries in the area and took off. And can I say I have never seen a house come apart so fast in my life. And get this didn't even break anything, look at us go haha.

The tradition "SUPER STROOPWAFFEL SATURDAY" I seriously love that part about saturdays, always a good start of the day. But today we had Choir practice with the ward for Elder Ballard and that was probably the most progress we have made, by some miracle a not so skilled choir pulled off and 8 part song. So cool. We met with one of our asain investigators who is back from vacationi Qian and he is still super positive and wants to get baptized so we are going to try and set a date with him some time soon too:) I am loving this.

Packed church for the Netherlands standards. So there was a mission farewell today and holy cow i have never seen so many people in such a small chapel. It was easily the size of my home ward. That was super cool to see so many members come from all over Netherlands to support this Sister. It was a good day at church today. And guess what, once again I let elder Hulet cut my hair. Call me crazy but I did. Although this time I got my revenge and got to cut his. But somehow we both turned out alright. Good times. I love Elder Hulet.
Well thats about all. I hope all of you have a wonderful week. And thanks for all that you do for us missionaries and all of the the lessons that you have taught us to prepare us for not only our mission but life. Love you all!
Love Elder Parr
The Windmills are everywhere it is so awesome.
One of the many cheese stores here in Delft
The canal's between the cobblestone sidewalks.
The buildings and houses are so antique looking.
Our puzzle that one of the members gave us.
My turn...haha smile Elder Hulet
Looks Yummy!

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