Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 13 Delft - Transfer 3 "Transfer Week"

Hello friends and family!

I don't even know where to begin, such a solid week once again. I don't know how I keep on lucking out with good week after good week. All I can say is Blessings :) The weather here is officially nice and cold, the rain is freezing, the days are dark and the wind is crazy. But somehow it is still beautiful and fun. Doesn't get any better than this, out here serving the Lord! Here is my week for you all, hope you enjoy.....

Nothing to exciting just a typical P-day but I do have a story for you. Tonight while cutting a pepper (hottest pepper I have eaten since I have been out here by the way) I was just chopping away and finished put it into the food and then made the mistake of touching my eyes. Worst decision ever, I was dying it hurt so bad but at the same time it was so funny because I literally had to ask Elder Lee if my eyes were open or closed. Because even when they were open it was still solid black and they were completely numb. Quite the experience for those 10 minutes ha. But no worries I can see just fine now! We had a lesson with Qian tonight, our Chinese investigator and we showed him the restoration video and bore testimony of it. He really loved it and wants us to keep coming back. Excited to work with him and try and help him have the joy that we all do!

Coldest and windiest day of my mission by far. But sooo much fun. Biking around completely soaked just having the time of our lives. As Elder Lee would say we are gaining wife points. Being a missionary in bad weather equals wife point’s haha. Love it. But the wind was so strong we had to pedal to ride DOWN HILL how crazy is that? So funny though we had a good time. So all of our appointments fell through this afternoon, humbled us a little that’s for sure. But we just kept going and found a solid potential that we are teaching this week! Blessing! We had a lesson with tom and I finally got to watch some of the conference that I missed. Seriously so powerful, I love it. It's quite amazing how through a talk you can come that much closer to our Savior.

Had a good day today. Began the day with a great lesson with Josh. we taught the plan of salvation and had an incredibly spiritual lesson. Josh is progressing so well and loves the lessons. It’s cool to see how we are being used as tools in the Lords hands. Quite the opportunity. We had a short little lesson with Arie as well Always fun with him. Well tonight we had a dinner appointment with the Muntinghas, the funniest family ever. So much fun, dinner appointments are the best. They loved our little puzzle spiritual dessert too, brownie points!

Well this morning Lee and I had 1 hour before we had to we had another appointment and we decided to pray for 3 potentials. We got it, so cool. We were literally on our way to another appointment when we had only found two but we promised ourselves and had faith we would find 3. So we just stopped a random person on the street and they turned out to be the most interested one! I loves seeing the tender mercies of the Lord in my everyday life. Such a testimony booster. After that we went to Ikea to meet Paul Janzen (who is my mom’s cousin Tiffany's husband - FAMILY) which was so much fun. It was fun to see family. We had such a good time together just getting to know each other.  He bought us a nice steak lunch at Ikea. Which BTW has some pretty dang good food!  That was really fun a super nice guy so glad he took the time to meet up with me and my companion.  He gave my companion and I $20 Euros each.  He even had a package for me that my Grandma Dansie had sent with him.  Full of some of my favorite treats.  Thank you Grandma!  J    I have the best family and truly am blessed.

 We then got to go to the Temple with our investigator and what an adventure that was just getting there. We were supposed to be there at 7:00 but our trams were late and we didn't even make it to the stop until 7:20 so we took off sprinting down the street. Can you just picture two missionaries all dressed up in suits and ties running as fast as they can down a bike path? Finally making it to the temple nice and sweaty. The workers thought it was pretty funny that we sprinted because the session was running late anyways .But it was a good laugh. The temple was such an incredible experience. My favorite part was just watching our less active Estella’s face light up was my favorite part. I was just overwhelmed by the spirit it was amazing. I absolutely love the Temple and that’s an experience I will never forget.

I was in Zoetemeer with Elder Frisbee today and it was pretty fun. Not a whole lot happened contacting and such, completely soaked again but we had a solid time together.

Three lessons today and they all went super well! This morning we had a lesson with our Investigator Migeul for the first time in about a month and that was awesome he really felt the spirit and invited us back. He also said he is going to give us a call sometime this week because he wants to play some basketball! So excited. The we had a lesson with an African family that we met earlier in the week and that was incredible, super strong spirit and a very positive family from what I can tell. They have a ton of potential so I am excited to see what happens with them!  Oh and no worries the superstroop waffle Saturday tradition lives on :) Tonight we had a lesson with Josh and also dinner. He invited 2 other African brothers too. We ate this stuff called Banku a Ghanan tribal food. Can I just say I would take herring over that any day. I thought I was going to die I don’t know how African missionaries do it lol. Impressed because I couldn’t even do it for one meal. Super fun time though!

Transfer Sunday, always the most stressful Sunday of the month! So today we had Micha and Josh in church! It was awesome, I even talked Micha in to coming in a white shirt and tie ahah to funny. He's awesome. But we had a lesson with those two and a member Sauh after church and watched Holland’s testimony about the Book of Mormon and it was so powerful, especially for josh he loved it so much. Then Micha and our Less active Tom came to the scherfs and ate some lunch that was hilarious a super good time! Love the scherfs! Our dinner appointment tonight was great the Zl's were with us and we made dumplings. But while we were there they got a call and found out Elder Bitters was leaving to Rotterdam and from then until 10 that nigh tI was freaking out about what was going to happen. Transfer days are great. But I got the call and Elder Lee and I get to kick it in Delft for one more transfer! I am so excited because we have a lot of plans ahead of us and are going to do work together!

Well thank you all for all of the emails and all of the letters this week :) You are all the best. I hope you Have a wonderful week and never forget The Church Is True!

Elder Parr

We cook the best foods :) Mom you would be so proud of me.

I love this temple.  Like my sweet European suit? :)
I love to see the Temple. Can't wait for you to come to this temple mom and dad.
A special night with Estella being able to go to the temple.  I will always remember this special night.
On our way to Ikea in Delft to meet Paul Jantzen :)

FAMILY :)  Me and Paul Janzen.  It was so fun to visit.  He is so cool.  The Steak Dinner was the best too.
Having fun in the Ikea store Paul showed us around.  
Delft Blue Decorated Light Pole
I like the details on the buildings - notice the clock.
Sweet bike and Awesome Building and most of all - Best Elder Missionary :)

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