Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 14 Delft - We can do all things through Christ

Hello hello,

What a crazy, wonderful week it has been over here in the Netherlands. The weather is still the typical, you walk outside get rained on, then blown around by the wind, I love it! The days are actually day for about 4 hours and then its dark again ha-ha. The work is progressing and the days just seem to keep on getting faster. And the food is beginning to become very Dutch. So here is my week for you all, enjoy.

Last Monday night we got the missionaries in our district and went over to the Presidents house and did an iron chef with one of the members. It was super fun, so is what we did: each missionary had to bring one ingredient of his or her choice. Then the Member (Ethlyn) Took them all and with the help of us missionaries turned it into quite an amazing meal. So that was an awesome time with everyone. A good memory!

Today was the last district meeting with the gang before transfers, so we had to say goodbye to everyone. Then went out to eat at Vapianos again so good! But tonight we had an amazing lesson with our new investigator Esmeralda and she said she loved it and wanted to be baptized and felt the spirit, it was just solid. Elder Lee and I were so excited. Then Friday came along and we were sitting in correlation and we got a phone call from her saying she doesn't want to meet anymore. That was so sad and honestly a little hard for us seeing how much she loved it the other day. But we did our part and tried our hardest sometimes things just don’t work out the way we hope I guess. But tonight we had another lesson with crazy tom! I love that man he is so great, always a fun time with him. He is super old and thinks he can speak English and only knows a couple lines off movies so every time we would say something in English he would say something like :of course baby “over and over. We got a good laugh out of it!

Today was great, so Elder Lee had an investigator when he was in Den Haag named Guido and he wants to meet with us now. So today he invited us to a sushi bar buffet in Den Haag. Mom & Dad I know you know how much I love sushi so you will be surprised when I say, I actually ate some!  I am conquering my fear of foods I guess. But that was an awesome time, we had a solid lesson with him about modern day prophets and Apostles. Loved it. Then tonight we had a Super member present with Josh, Dan and Emma Pershcier, that was so great. SO josh was there for dinner with us and he absolutely loved it had a great time and got to know Dan and Emma a lot better which is great. We played a matching game with the prophets and apostles and then had an amazing spiritual lesson after that. Josh is still super positive and doing awesome.

Today we met a guy he brought us to his house and we sat down and gave him a strong lesson and he really liked it and invited us back and really wants to know more about the church. Tonight we had a Halloween party with the Jofos and that was a blast. We bobbed for apples, did egg Russian roulette, donuts from a string, pumpkin carving and really just had a blast with each other.  :)

We had dinner with Micha tonight and actually had a good lesson with him and are making some progress. I gave him a red pencil and challenged him to use it every day and to start reading. He accepted, so let’s see what happens! Then we had a lesson with Arie and Estella again, super super good. We gave Arie a scripture story book with painting of the story as he reads he can follow along to remember it better. He absolutely loved it.

We had a lesson with Miguel this morning and finished the restoration, which was a very good spiritual lesson he definitely felt the spirit, it is working on him!! Then we had a lesson with Habtamu, super positive man and family. I am glad that we were sent to him and get the opportunity to work with him. Then another lesson with Josh, which was also really good and we just reassured his baptism and he is still on track.  :)

Awesome day of church, tom bore his testimony we had Micha and Josh there again plus 4 less actives. Elder Lee and I are really being blessed by the Lord right now it’s amazing. I am so thankful for that. We had lunch with Micha and the Romig’s too and the best part was how well Elder Romig and Micha connected both having background in the military.  They helped give a solid lesson and that was just great!

Well sorry this email was not super detailed and a little short. But I love you all and thanks for the support you give me. I hope you all have an amazing week. I heard this week was a little rough, we are keeping you in our prayers.  Remember the promise that “with the Lord we can overcome all things, Never Forget that he is there for you....ALWAYS! Phil. 4:13

Elder Parr

Iron Chef party at the Mission Home
Ethlyn and I 
Grandma Dansie sent me the mask - perfect for Halloween Thanks Grandma :)
Halloween Party JOFOS and our District

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