Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 15 Delft - What a Week!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for the great emails, and the love and support that you give to me, I really appreciate it a ton, so thanks! 

This week has been another amazing one for Elder Lee and I, we have truly seen the Lord working through us and blessing us so much. We have seen a miracle every day and tender mercies from the Lord. Had some great laughs and some good times. The weather is still nice and chilly and the rain is still coming, but even being soaking wet, knocking doors, and riding bikes against the wind, I love my mission.

So this week the AP's called us and asked us to keep track of the time we spend: Finding, Teaching, Traveling, Meetings, Meals, Service and Planning. I guess we are doing super good in the mission along with some others and they wanted us to do this for them. So that was exciting for Lee and I.

Here are some of the highlights from this week.

This week we taught Josh two times and both lessons were amazing but the one we had on Tuesday was just something else! We had planned to teach about the plan of salvation and such, then we got to the appointment and we were talking to Josh and he told us that he had received his answer that the Book of Mormon was true and he knew it. That was the best new and feeling for Elder Lee and I when that came out of his mouth. But during the pre-lesson I felt really prompted to drop the lesson and talk about the importance of Baptism. So that is what we did. We could feel the spirit teaching and working through as we told Josh how important this step is and that if he knows its true then why delay the blessings. Well by the end of an incredibly spiritual lesson Josh agreed to move his baptismal date sooner! That was an amazing experience for us just seeing that as we follow the prompting of the spirit and teach to the needs of our investigators and rely on the Lord, only good will come out of it. Josh is still progressing super great and I am loving the opportunity I have been given to work with him.

This week Elder lee and I were so blessed. Had so many amazing lessons with some amazing Investigators and less actives. We work so well together and that is definitely one reason why we are seeing so much success, companionship unity is key. Without it you don't have the spirit and without the spirit you aren't going to teach with the power the lord has promised to give to us. That really is the key, relying on the spirit and just going to work no matter the weather or the circumstances with a smile on your face. It make a world of difference. :)

Tuesday we got invited to eat lunch with a less active named Grace, so much fun. She fed us steak potatoes and rolls, total american. Felt like home! So that was awesome.

We got a home call from Tom this week and he told us that he has completely stopped contact with his other church and made time for ours! Tom hasn't been active in over 8 years and now he has been the last 3 weeks and is going to ward activities as well. We definitely saw the Lord working with him and He finally made that step and oh is he happy. The gospel is such a happy thing and blesses lives beyond measure, it simple is...amazing!!

Funny story, so this week I let Elder Lee cut my hair and well I guess all of the stories were true. If you let your comp cut your hair eventually he is going to mess us. Well that was this week so I got some nice short hair right now haha. But we got a great laugh over that it was great. I mean it will grow back right! Good memory though!

Cool Thursday is our contacting day because non of our investigators can meet on thursdays. So this Thursday we had about an hour before we had to go to Den Haag so we prayed and asked the Lord to bless us with three potential Investigators. And the answer was miraculous. We walk outside down to the street where we contact normally and the FIRST 3 people we talked to were interested and told us to come by. How big of a miracle is that?!?! I just love being able to look back on my week and see how much the Lord truly loves us and wants us all to succeed. He is Always there if we but ask.'That's truly an amazing principle, I know that my Father Loves me, and all of you!

This week was quite a good one and made me realize all my blessings! I hope that you all have an amazing week yourselves and Remember The Lord Is Always there!! The Church is true!!

Love, Elder Parr

Me and the little girl in this picture are best friends now. Her name is Vloer and she is the sweetest girl ever!!

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