Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 16 Delft - Amazing Week!

Hello everyone:)
This week has been amazing to say the least! Some once in a lifetime experiences, RAIN for days, solid lessons and so much more. I hardly have anytime this week so I'm sorry but this one is going to be short. But I still LOVE you all.
The weather this week was ridiculous, no joke it rained 24 hours a day for six days straight. EVERYTHING was soakinig wet, and to top it off the air is nice and cold, nothing like the nice dry air back home. But even with the crappy weather, this week was AMAZING!
On Thursday which was one of the best days of my mission for sure. I was on exchanges with Elder Ames just going about our regular studies when we got a call from President Robinson. It turns out it was his turn to work in Delft!!! So president came at 12 and took us out to lunch and then just came along with all of our lessons and lekker contacting. That was the most fun I have had with President. We had some amazing lessons, and can I just say that that man teaches with power and boldness. He is and was such an example and teacher to me that day. I learned so much from him and our relationship grew a lot! One day I will never forget, thats for sure. Also...It was his very first time since he has been out here that he had to get an OV fiests (bike rental) and just biked around with us instead of driving. He loved it, super funny too, love that man.
This week our lessons with Josh went better than planned. I don't know how it is possible but he just keeps on getting better and better! We challenged him to move his date to December 6th this week and he agreed. It's amazing how I have had the oppurtunity to see the spirit change someone so much. From the very first time he met the missionaries til now, a world of change. We are best friends, truly love each other like brothers and he has a testimony of the De Kerk Van Jezus Christus van de Heiligen Der Laaste Dagen! Truly a miracle in my eyes! What an opportunity that I have been blessed with to get to teach him and so many of these wonderful people in Delft.  I love my mission.
Along with Josh we had many good lessons. 

Micha is finally starting to pray, he swore that he would never pray. He said that my first week in the land, now look at him. The Lord is truly begging to soften his heart. 

Miguel would drop appointments like crazy now he calls and reminds us, keeps commitments and prays. 

Tom wasn't active for over 20 years and he hasn't missed a Sunday this month. 

Estella went through the Temple. 

Habtamu said that what we have shared with him has given him a reason to change his life. 

Those are only a few of the many blessings that the Lord is pouring out upon the city of Delft. I know with out a doubt that he is here with me and helping me every step of the way! These things wouldn't be happening if he wasn't. The Lord has prepared His children and I am just lucky to get a chance to be a instrument in his hands. I have learned the true meaning behind the scripture that talks about "if you lose yourself in the will of the lord then you will find yourself."  I love this gospel and the joy it brings to me and everyone who gets to hear it. The church is true!
Thank you all for the emails and the sweet letters and smiles! It really means the world to me. I am sorry to those I wasn't able to get back too, I promise I read all of your emails and love them, so keep them coming:) Love you all and have an amazing week!
Love, Elder Parr
President Robinson came contacting with us through Delft.
It was the BEST! I love that man.
The Best 2 years Train - Trains of Europe.
Just a picture of the crew hanging out at the beach on the only non rainy day. Boy did we luck out! Sand castle contests, soccer, frisbee, bunker tours and much more. I love my mission!
I am sure Elder Parr was loving this part.  He has ALWAYS loved making sand castles. He will always be a young kid at heart!

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