Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 17 Delft - Keeping on, Keeping on!

Hello hello,

Where to begin.....this week has yet been another good one! Full of great times, and work. The spirit was strong, the blessings kept on coming and the smiles continue. :)

You won't even believe what I am going to say next! So for about the first time a good while, we almost had an ENTIRE week with no rain. Yes, NO rain. That itself was a blessing and a miracle in my eyes. No, it was actually super nice to have a short little break from the rain and see the sun again and be able to out without a coat. And what a week that it chose to be nice, I mean we only biked a good 8-13 miles everyday!

One really cool thing this week actually happened on Tuesday while I was on exchanges with Elder Moomey. After a couple of appointments where we were getting bible bashed, and wrecked in every way, and not have feeling the spirit I was honestly a little upset. I was just thinking why, we did all we could, testified and taught the best we could and yet we still felt nothing. I felt like for that short while we were alone, in the spiritual sense. Well then we went to our last appointment, with Americo and Ilyza, the two who the zone leader baptized last transfer. We had some dinner with them and then we got to watch 17 miracles with them. As I watched the movie I couldn't help but tear up a little, watching all they went through yet they kept on, pushing on with their WHOLE hearts, having a complete trust in their Father In Heaven.  It made me realize, you know sometimes it's going to feel like I am alone, and Christ is not there for me. But just like these saints did, I have to keep pushing on, because the reward or even when I look back at those times, I will see that because of that trial of faith I had grown. 

After the movie finished we asked them if they needed anything as we always do. Well Llyza said she would love a blessing. I got asked to give that blessing. And in the back of my head I was thinking, I haven't felt the spirit at all today, how am I going to be able to give this blessing. But I said yes anyways. I began to give that blessing, and then just paused, in my heart I was pleading for guidance on what to say. Well to keep it short, that is exactly what I received, the words began to flow out of my mouth and I began to precede with the blessing. When I ended she was in tears and said "wow, that was so powerful and exactly what I needed, thanks so much". At that exact point I felt the spirit sooo strongly I honestly felt weak. I knew, and I knew it without a doubt, that that blessing, those words were not from me. That my heavenly Father was there with me that day and was watching over and helping me.

Okay get this, so on Wednesday evening we went to a new investigators house for a lesson and when we walked up stairs, wow I was blown away. They literally had a MASSIVE cage of 4 little Parrots and 2 talking ones. I bet you can imagine how that went. The whole time we were teaching the Parrots in the background kept on talking. And not even in English, a parrot can even speak dutch. Without the hard G of course. I was literally dying it was so funny. Good laughs that's for sure.

On Thursday we ran into some members from England and I guess they saw us and said √∂kay if they stop that man we will buy them lunch" Well guess what We STOPPED HIM. That was super fun getting to talk to them and have a nice little chat. Always nice being treated that good for once, rather then glared at or a door slam every once in awhile. Tender Mercy.

So on Sunday Josh was in church with us again and at the end of the sacrament he turned to me and said "December 6th" meaning as of now, his baptism will be going down on the 6th of December:)! I was so so excited when he said that, I probably looked like a goof I had such a big smile on my face. But I just couldn't help it. Being with Josh from day one until now has been quite the experience. I have loved every second of teaching him. And now seeing him finally saying he wants to make that step now, ah to great! I can't wait to see this mans life change forever, that's what its all about right. He was most definitely a miracle given to us by the Lord!

Well everyone it is that time of year! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season and be sure to enjoy your nice "AMERICAN" Thanksgiving. And just since its this time of year I just want to say how greatful I am for all of you! For my AMAZING mom, A dad who I can look up to for everything and some amazing sisters:) For all of my wonderful Neighbors back home, and leaders I had growing up, you have made me who I am. My amazing friends, I was 100% sure, blessed with the best, so thank you all, good times:) and more to come. Also one thing that I was not really greatful for before my mission, that being a journal. A journal all of the sudden means so much to me out here, being able to sit down and reflect on my day, and seeing that there has not been one, no not even ONE day, that I haven't seen the Lords hand in my life in some way or another. something I will forever be grateful for - My loving Heavenly Father.

Thank you all for the sweet letter, packages and emails. You are the best!

Love, Elder Parr
My big family for this years Thanksgiving, oh how I love these people:)

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