Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas Skype from the Netherlands

Best Christmas Present Ever was to be able to talk to both of our missionaries for Christmas.  Sora Maegan Parr skyped first from Romania/Moldova mission.  It was fun to talk to her and hear of her experiences in Romania.  Then at 10:30 Elder Josh Parr was skyping from a wonderful members home in Delft, Netherlands. We were excited to have them on at the same time.  However since Elder Parr was on a tablet the 3 way Skype didn't work but we were able to use our tablet for Sora Parr and then the computer for Elder Parr and that worked out great. So we could all hear each other and get a fun family picture.

Elder Josh Parr shared some great stories with us.  We can't believe he has only been out 6 months.  He has grown SO much and we are SO proud of him.  His Dutch was wonderful.  He shared a beautiful testimony in Dutch.  I couldn't understand it but his dad who speaks German could understand it because the languages are very similar.  Sora Parr also gave a beautiful testimony in Romanian and sang a couple songs for us.  We love to hear her sing.

Then to close the skype Elder Josh Parr gave the most BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, SPIRITUAL prayer I have heard.  The spirit filled our home and it was wonderful.  We are so thankful for our missionaries and we are so blessed.  We know that Heavenly Father watches over Both sets of Grandparents were able to be here to hear and talk to each missionary.  Best Christmas Present for sure.
Elder Josh Parr serving in Belguim/Netherlands out 6 months on Christmas Day!  Sora Maegan Parr serving in Romania/Moldova mission out 1 year on January 8th.  
It was SOO good to hear his voice and see his smile.  I LOVE his Smile!  He was soooo happy the entire time and you can tell each week when you read his letters how happy he is.  Love you my "Kanga" <3

Our Christmas Family Picture 2014 We love our missionaries.
Grandpa "Woof Woof" and Grandma Dixie Dansie 
Grandma and Grandpa Parr
This is how the 3 way would have worked.  It only showed Josh voice when he first called so we hurry and got a picture.  Then hung up with Maegan and called Josh.  We will have it down for Mother's Day call.
AWE!  My favorite two missionaries I sure love them.
Our nephew Jett and the Wilson clan was so excited to Skype with them.

It really was a wonderful day!  Loved every minute of it :)

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