Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week 25 - Transfer Week :) I'm Getting Transferred! :)

Hello everyone,

Well this week has been crazy! Super busy running from place to place and city to city. And to be honest I am completely pooped. But it's all been worth it, because we saw some pretty cool things happen just cause a little effort! The Lord is blessing us.

I will begin with one of the highlights of my week. It was this Sunday. Since I have been here we have 1. Baptized Josh and 2. Reactivated Tom. And this Sunday both of them got their temple recommends and are going to go do Baptisms for the dead this Thursday!!:) I can't explain the joy that I have gotten because of those two remarkable people, it has been a beyond amazing blessing to have the opportunity to serve with them!

Another amazing miracle that happened this week was Micha. So we finally finally did the Stop Smoking program with him. And can I just say that it went so so good!!:) I have never seen him how I have this past week. This was exactly what he needed, it truly hit him for once that we ALL need this gospel. And we all need the Lord in our lives. We got him to get rid of all of his smoking things from lighter to cigarettes to what ever else he had. That was fun we got to go watch him throw it in the canal. But a couple days later he had a smoke from his friend. He called the Romigs and told them and said he was disappointed in himself, and really did want to stop. So for the first time in his life, on his own, not being asked, he knelt down and truly prayed to our Heavenly Father for strength to stop smoking, and said it was something that he had never yet experienced. How much joy and emotion that brought just hearing that phone call. That man has changed, and I can't be more grateful for the chance I had to be a little part of that process. We had some times that I will never, ever forget! What a blessing!

This week we were also able to find a lot of new investigators and get a lot of appointments set up. Delft is boiling with potential right now and is soon going to explode with success! I am proud to say that I have left this city better then I found it. 
Okay now that you know I am being transferred after reading those first couple paragraphs I guess I'll tell you where too. I have been called to go down to Belgium and serve in the city of Genk, speaking Flemish:) I can't tell how 1. Excited I am and 2. Super nervous. But I know I am going there for a reason and it will all be well. And guess what else, delft is getting white washed with two new elders. And a cool story behind that, so this whole transfer Lundberg and I have been preparing things like it was going to get whitewashed. We did so many things that we had no idea why we did at the time. It took time and was boring, yet we did it. A few weeks later now we know the reason. Delft is as ready as it could be for a white wash as sad as it is. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

I am sure going to miss this blessed city, it has a piece of my heart that’s for sure!! I can't even begin to explain how big of an impact and how much I have learned while serving in Delft. It's definitely going to be hard to say goodbye, but I will always have good memories to look back on. And that is one thing I can't be more happy about! I love this mission, I know this is the Lords work and he is with us 100% of the time through the ups and downs. I love this work and am excited to hit the ground running in Genk. 

I love you all thanks for your prayers and support. I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Elder Parr

** These pictures are from the Romigs who are the senior missionaries serving in Delft.  They are such great examples to the missionaries and take such great care of them. Thank you Elder and Sister Romig.

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