Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 4 Amsterdam -Helmets, Soccer and Belgie

Hello Hello,

Where to Begin....This has been a pretty crazy week to say the least. We have been all over the place and have a had a good time doing the Lords work. It doesn't get any better right?? Love this work so much.

This week I got to back to Belgium with Elder Bringhurst and that was so much fun! We had to go down for some legal stuff and I got to get my license for Europe! Pretty exciting. But it was so good to be back in Belgium. I have missed that place. And of course we got some delicious Belgian waffles and some nice Belgian Fries. We sure made the best out of the trip.

But this week we were finally able to go and play some soccer with Peter, Evy and Pedro and it was so much fun! We got playing, Elder Bringhurst and I against Pedro and Peter and it was great. Then a bunch of Neighborhood boys showed up and called us out. So of course we accepted the challenge. Well we are all getting pretty into it and it got intense. And get this these two American non soccer players and Peter won all 3 games to 11:) Now that is what I am talking about. I love that family so much. They are so incredible and just have such a solid testimony of this Gospel. The adversary is really trying to stop them from coming unto Christ. But it's amazing to see them put their trust in the Savior and rely on Him. If only you could all see how much their countenance has changed. It would make your whole day. This Gospel really does come with a light. Just makes me think of Heleman 5:12 too. Build your foundation on Christ and You can overcome anything. That is so true.

This Friday was also pretty great. Elder Bringhurst and Elder Nye had a pretty incredible experience. So Elder Bonner and I were teaching a less active member that Elder Bonner had baptized a year ago and just had an incredible uplifting lesson with him and got him back on the right path. So we were just pumped. Well we exchanged back and Bringhurst tells me this story. They had just got out of our lesson and they passed a girl crying on the street and had a feeling they needed to go back and talk to her. Elder Nye began talking to her and she went on to tell him she was about to go end her life. God is so aware of His children. I can't even tell you the spirit that I felt just hearing that. I know 100% That God lives, He knows every single one of His children Perfectly and Loves us beyond measure. Never give up on Him.

So I don't know if I already told you this but as of this past week our mission has become a Helmet wearing mission:) So in this country the only people who were helmets are competitive bikers or 2 year old kids, sometimes not even them. So In all honesty already having gone a year without a helmet this has been great. And this change is already been a humbling experience for me. The rude remarks, the laughs and the pointing fingers has been hard. But If God wants me to wear a helmet, I'll wear a helmet. And me and Bringhurst even came up with a nice little motto, Safety has never looked so good:) So now we got 150 more helmet wearers in this country. It's great.

Thank you all for the sweet emails and all of the support!! You are all amazing. Remember this church is true, God loves you and is always there. Have an amazing week!

Love, Elder Parr

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