Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 3 Amsterdam - All a big blur!

Hello Hello!!

Missions are incredible!! But man can I just say this week just disappeared!! I swear I was just sitting behind this screen emailing yesterday. This week has gone by so fast, sitting here looking back I almost can't remember what even happened. It really has been, one big blur. But none the less I know it was an amazing week! Cause every week brings plenty of things to put a big smile on your face!! So thank goodness for journals so you can see how much the Lord blesses you every single day. Daily miracles and tender mercies are so real! I can say that much!!

This week ended up being a lot of finding, some pretty crazy adventures and meeting some pretty interesting people that you just got to love!

Unfortunately we weren't able to meet with Peter and Evy this week. This first week of peters new job has kept them very very busy. But it has also been a huge blessing in their lives so that's okay. But those two are incredible! Satan is trying so hard to stop this baptism from happening, but they are committed to the gospel. So the birth certificate came and they went and had their appointment with the city and they said that there needed to be a stamp from Brazil on the certificate so they send it back to Brazil to get it stamped. That has been pretty nerve racking for me. But they just keep on surprising me with their faith and enthusiasm about the gospel. They know this is where they need to be and they aren't going to give up! That for me has been such a testimony builder and a huge miracle. The Lord will help us through our trails, sometimes we have a bumpy road and have to beat the snakes and bears on our paths, but as we press forward in faith it will all work out!!

So Saturday there was a crazy storm in the Netherlands! We were heading to Ijmuiden to teach with the sisters and us and the Zl's got stuck on a train for 3 hours or so!!!!! It was nuts. Every single train in North Holland was shut down as well as buses. When we finally were able to make our way back we passed all these massive trees that had been uprooted and power lines that were destroyed! It was actually quite the adventure to say the least. But we survived!!

We also were blessed with 5 investigators in church!! That has never happened for me on my mission!! What a blessing and what a miracle!! It was amazing to see so many investigators there with big smiles on their faces. The Lord is truly hastening His work! The Church is true!! I know that with my heart and soul! I love this gospel!

Thank you all for the love and support you give to us missionaries! Love you all!!!

Love, Elder Parr
Thought we'd try and take a short cut:)

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