Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 2 Apeldoorn

Hey hey!

Wow this week has just completely disappeared. I mean I guess I am emailing a couple of days earlier so I have an excuse to say that it really did feel like yesterday I was sitting behind a computer screen. But this past week has been a great one!

The weather over here has been so nice! I mean there were a couple of days that we got rained on pretty good. But I was thinking about it and this winter has been SO nice. Maybe two or three weeks have been cold max. Nice right?

I have really enjoyed serving in Apeldoorn as to this point. There are some awesome members out here and some cool people. Still trying to get used to it. I mean after being in Eindhoven for 6 months it's been a while since I have learned a new city. But it's coming along really good.

Tuesday Elder Hosea and I were on a role! We were able to go and give out a solid 3 Books of Mormon. It was awesome we walk out of district meeting in Deventer and stopped someone as we were heading back to the station ended up talking for a good 15 minutes and gave him a Book of Mormon. Just a testimony builder to me of talking to everyone even if they aren't in your city and you won't be the one teaching them. Everyone deserves and needs to hear the Gospel!

The members here are so good at coming on Joint Teach here. Every lesson we had we were able to get some members to come with us. They are such a big help. My testimony was definitely strengthened this past week of the power of bringing members on joint teach. So to all you back home if the missionaries ever ask, be the first one to volunteer.

So the Bishop in this ward could honestly be Burke Rigbys twin. Every time I see him I have to take a second look. It was pretty funny the first time I saw him. But wow he is a solid bishop! One who is going to be fun to work with I can already tell. I can't even explain how big of a difference that makes in missionary work.

Yesterday we had MLC and we were up at the mission home then stayed and worked in the area so we could go to the temple later today. I am so excited to go back to the Temple. It has been to long. There truly is no better place on earth then the House of the Lord. What a privilege we have as members to enjoy all the blessings from the Temple.

Thank you for all of the love and support! I hope you all have an amazing week!

Elder Parr

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