Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 1 "Apeldoorn"

Hello hello,

Sorry this is going to be the shortest email in the world. I have very little time today. But I made it safe and sound up to Apeldoorn with Elder Hosea and am absolutely loving it. This place is amazing, it is so different then Eindhoven but it's going to be great! The ward here is super cool and has a lot of younger people so I am super excited to work with them. I will share one cool story with you.

So I believe it was Friday Elder Hosea and I were out knocking doors for a good 2 hours and were just getting destroyed. Had like 5 good talks. Well we looked at the clock and it was time to head to a dinner appointment so we started making our way back to the car. There was one person on the sidewalk in our path. After2 hours of nothing neither of us were really in the mood to talk to him but we stopped him. And wow I am so glad that we did. He ended up being super interested in what we had to share with him. Gave us all of is information and said we could come by and teach him and his family. How cool is that?! We were so pumped I can't even tell ya.

But this week was a good one. FLEW by though, wow. I am excited for all of the great things that Apeldoorn has in store. The church Is true! I hope you all have an amazing week! Loves!!

Elder Parr

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