Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 23 Eindhoven "Leaving my 2nd home" Transfers

Hello Hello!!

Wow what a week this past week was and how just how fast it went by. Had some awesome experiences this week though and just lived it up. Were able to teach some great lessons, see some small miracles, have a great reunion and much more. It was just good! Missions are amazing, there is really nothing quite like one. It truly is the work of the Lord. Here are a couple of fun things that happened last week.

So Tuesday was awesome, I got to head back up to Amsterdam for the day. And can I just say that was quite an awesome day!! I was able to go and work with Elder Hirsch for the day and we were able to go out and get a lot of work done and find some cool people. But the highlight of my day was definitely at night. So back when I was up in Amsterdam with Elder Bringhurst one of the very last doors we knocked together a young kid named Burton opened up the door and we were able to sit and talk to him for a good 30 minutes. Well that was actually the one time that I ever saw him. And I heard from one of the Elders in Amsterdam that he still talks about me. So I thought hey why not I am in Amsterdam lets run over and look him up real quick. I knock on the door ask for Burton his mom said he was busy and I said tell him Elder Parr is here. The next thing I see is Burton running down the stairs and giving me a big hug. Who would of ever guessed how big of an impact a knock on the door had on him. It was amazing I was able to talk to him about the Book of Mormon and meeting with the Elders still and said some things that ended up really helping him. That was a heart warming experience for me. Amazing.

We were able to have our quarterly interviews with President and Zuster Bunnell and those are always amazing. Can I just say I absolutely love those two. They are two of the most amazing people I have ever met and I have been more then lucky to be able to get to know them more and more. They truly are called of God to be serving here at this time I don't doubt that one bit.

This past week we had a Missionary Broadcast for all of the missionaries. It was focused on improving our teaching and our finding abilities. And wow did they just hit it right on the spot. I learned so much and am more then excited to put it to practice and see what miracles are going to come from it.

This week we had the guy from the news paper Cas van Vliet come and work with us for a couple of hours and observe what we do as missionaries. It was so cool to have him tag along. We took him to a family in our ward for dinner and it just happened that one of the kids went to middle school and high school with him and they totally remember one another. It was actually really really cool!!

We are teaching this 23 year old named Julliette and we had an amazing lesson with her this week. She is so open and so willing to find the truth. We were able to help her pray for her first time this past week and we all knelt down and the spirit hit us all so hard. Wow it was amazing. I have high hopes for her.

We were also able to finally teach Dave and Kiona again and wow that was another amazing lesson. They have opened up SO much since the first time that I met them. Its just been amazing to see all that they have soaked in. We watched the restoration DVD and had a very powerful lesson about Joseph Smith. I love sharing this gospel!! It's doesn't get any better then seeing people want to listen as well!

Well transfer calls happened this week and after an amazing 6 months in the beautiful city of Eindhoven it is my time to head on out. I am going to be heading up to Apeldoorn with Elder Hosea. I have heard nothing but good things so I am so excited to head up there and see what I can do. But wow it was hard to say goodbye to everyone here on Sunday! I am going to miss this place an awful lot. This city has my heart and has molded me so much and I couldn't be more grateful for the time I was given to serve here.

The Church is true, never forget it!

I love you all! Have an amazing week!!
Elder Parr

Mijn oma:) She is a saint! 

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