Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 22 Eindhoven - -1 and still loving life!

Hello Everyone!

What a great week this past week has been. But wow, it really did just disappear. I don't know how its possible but weeks tend to go like that on a mission. This week we officially hit below freezing and let me tell ya that feels a whole lot different in humid rather then dry air. I walk out and freeze being a southern Utah 100 degree weather kind of kid while on the other hand my companion thinks it's warm being from -30 degree Canada. We get a good laugh out of it. But I am absolutely loving life and loving my mission. Here are a couple of the highlights of last week.

Elder Wilson and I had our first Zone Training together and wow did it end up going very good. We were able to take some time and do our best to inspire our zone to raise their vision, believe in themselves and in their Heavenly Father, do courageous missionary work and go bring the people of Belgium and the Netherlands unto Christ. It ended up being an inspiring and I learned so much from the things that were said by all.

Elder Wilson and I also were able to have our first news paper interview with each other. So a good friend of a member in our ward gave us a phone call and said he has one final project for school before and he would love to do and article on the Mormon missionaries. So after a few calls we were able to agree and set up an appointment. He is actually a very cool guy and this coming Thursday will be working with us for a day to kind of see what the life of a missionary is. I am super excited to see what this brings. Hopefully it will broaden the awareness of the people in Eindhoven about our church and miracles will come from it.

Pedro one of our investigators was in church on Sunday and that was quite a miracle. He is super cool and loves basketball so we get along super well. He called me out this week so I better go and practice so I can show him that missionaries got game. I am super excited about that.

So we got a nice puzzle from some members that has kept us busy after planning at night and that has been quite enjoyable. Also have pretty much completely deep cleaned our entire apartment over the past 3 or so Mondays and it is looking so good! Just like Zuster Robinson always said, "you can't preach like angels if you are living like pigs." Amen to that statement.

Our car window is now beginning to freeze over every morning so that's been fun driving blind......just kidding mom of course we scrape it off.

Yesterday we set up like 8 appointments for this upcoming week and are going to be nice and busy seeing miracles. I can't wait.

So we were out playing soccer this afternoon and a group of 5 other guys show up and asked us if we wanted to play. They were all probably 24ish. Yeah we got it handed to us. They had to play a lot easier. But the best part was is that we were playing on frozen turf, so it was a nice combination of skating and soccer and no one even got hurt. And most of us were in short sleeve shirts by the end and though we were all warm because we were playing, then went to shoot a basketball and realized our arms were completely frozen. We all got a good laugh.

What a week it has been. I love being a missionary and know with out a doubt that what we share is true! Thank you for all of the prayers and support! I hope you have another great week!

Love, Elder Parr

The Eindhoven Gang. Harry " Zone Leiders op de fiets?! Is de kerk nog waar?!" (zone leader on bikes?! Is the church still true?) he was pretty shocked we chose to take the bikes not the car haha.

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