Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 20 - Happy 2016!!


What a week this past one has been. A lot has gone on and it's been good. But oh it has been fast. I am still in a little shock realizing that it is already 2016. But I must say that 2015, my year to the Lord, is a year that I will never forget. I never could or would of guessed how much I would grow and learn about myself and our Savior. There is so many things to say about last year it is hard to put it all into words. But I hope you all know, there is absolutely nothing in the world like giving your service to the Lord. It truly is life changing. You gotta love it!

But the page has turned and the down hill slope is just getting steeper. It might go faster but right now is the time to sprint to the finish and play until the buzzer sounds. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store. But above that I can't wait to give my heart and soul to these two countries for the next couple of months! Here we go!!

I hope you all had a great new years. The one here was awesome! Just like last year my expectations were just blown out of the water with all of the fireworks. I am sorry to say this, but this countries firework shows blow July 4th out of the water. They are nonstop from 9 to 5 am. But wow when that clock hits new years. The entire country goes up in lights. So loud too! I had the luxury of laying in my bed and still being able to see all of the fireworks right out side of my window. Unreal! If you ever get the chance you need to experience a new year in the Netherlands.

So this past week was pretty hard getting inside of peoples homes unfortunately. They were all 'to busy'. But we still went out and did our best. Saturday ended up being a really good day for us actually. We were able to set up 4 appointments for next week and find a few new potential investigators. It felt like it had been a while since we saw that much success in one day. So Elder Wilson and I were both pretty pumped!

This past week I was able to go on exchanges with my Grandson Elder Brunner! We had such a fun exchage. SO we were sitting at a bus stop and this girl was riding a unicycle around. I decided to go over and talk to her and ended up trying to ride the unicycle. Man I probably looked like the biggest goon. But man those things are hard. She ended up taking the same bus and was pretty interested in what we had to say and why we were here. That was a cool little miracle for us. Elder Brunner is a stud.

This week was all in all a good one:) Thank you all so much for the Christmas cards and the love and support! You are all amazing. I hope you have a great next week!! The Church is true!

Love, Elder Parr

And just like that christmas is gone....

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