Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 19 -Caroling, eating, service,Christmas

Hello Hello!

What a week this last week has been! It crazy how different a week that is full of holidays is compared to a normal week. But let me tell yeah it definitely throws a little curve ball at ya. On one side everyone is jolly and happy and on the other side they aren't to impressed when you come knocking on their doors. So we had to change our tactic up a little bit this last week. But it still ended up being a great one!

Here are a couple of the highlights from this past week.

First of all it was Christmas! I hope that all of you had an amazing Christmas. Thank you all so much for the Christmas wishes! Skyping home was great, I just love my family. Sure put a smile on my face for the rest of the week. I am sure all you moms with missionaries know exactly what I am talking about. Christmas was a good one, there is just something special about having Christmas as a missionary. Sad to think that was my last one....

So in the Netherlands they Celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas and 2nd Christmas. So on the second Christmas we had our zone come down to Eindhoven to do a fun little service project. We all made a bunch of cookies and went around and caroled for everyone in the area and gave them some cookies. You should of seen the smiles that came on their faces, it was pretty cool to see and to do. A very different style of missionary work but missionary work none the less. We all really enjoyed that.

This week was actually packed full of caroling, I think by the end I got the hang of it. But we sang for a lot of Less actives, widowed members, Families and just random people. And can I just say the power of music is indescribable. Music really can bring such a sweet spirit into any situation. So we really enjoyed doing that this past week. Kinda sad it's over but I am super excited to get back to normal missionary work and keep the ball rolling. This truly is the best work out there!

I absolutely love being a missionary and all the blessing, goodtimes, hardships, laughs, tears and memories that come with it. This is Gods work. The church is true!

Have an amazing new year! Make 2016 the best one yet! LOVES!

Elder Parr

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