Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 5 Genk - A Lesson Learned

Hello hello,

Holy cow it felt like it was yesterday that I was typing up my email to send home. Time is just flying out here and is not slowing down. If anything its speeding up. I can also say that I know what all of those returned missionaries meant when they say how weird time is on a mission. It's true! 

Bad news, after a beautiful last week and first two days of this week the weather is back to its loving and enticing self, that is 0°, with slight wind storms and some lovely rain! You just can't get enough of it out here. But it growing on me, it’s not bad at all to go out and work in the rain anymore. Rather it is becoming super fun, sure it’s wet and you could say cold and windy but that isn't stopping us from: dying of laughter, biking like man men, laughing when a bus hits a puddle and soaks you or just singing our hearts out on the bikes. I love it! 

This week was a good one once again! Nothing super amazing happened this week, not a ton of appointments or a huge miracle, but a lot of small little things that just kept a smile on our faces! The first one would have to be an appointment that we had with a less active for dinner. All four of us having been working with her and She is finally getting back into it. But this week was just cool, we were over there for dinner and she was just telling us that she was going through some hard things with family and such. She was getting emotional and quickly changed the subject (to outdoor sports actually :)) to get her mind off of it. But by the end of the appointment when it was time for the spiritual thought we shared a video with her and it touched her heart. She began to tell us that she has been praying for the comfort of our Heavenly Father and a reformation of the truthfulness of the gospel. She continued and said 'Elders you were the answer to that prayer I now know that whatever happens, what I am doing is right and my Heavenly Father is there.' The spirit literally just filled the room and was an amazing testimony builder for me and all of us at that. We couldn't help but talk about it the whole ride home. We were blessed to be the vessels in which the Lord used to bless another’s life. What more can you ask for? 

Another cool lesson that I learned this week actually happened Saturday. About a week ago we got a call saying that someone Taggart was working with in Rotterdam was getting baptized and wanted him to do the confirmation, so we called President and got permission to go. Very long train ride by the way! But it was during this baptism service that I was humbled. It’s been something that I have been fighting my whole mission, praying for strength and asking for help. That is to lose my pride and become humble. Well it clicked today after over 6 months of asking for help the switch was finally flipped. It was during that baptism that the spirit touched my heart and said ' Elder Parr, this is my work, I am at the head and you are all in it together'. Whether it be his baptism not mine, there having more success than me, or whatever it is. It doesn't matter, it’s the Lords work, and I am where I am for a reason, in the situations I am for a reason. But that doesn't mean I needed to be jealous of others, which was hard for me to be honest. But today, seeing that baptism of a kid I never met, of Elders I have never met, it changed me. That was a blessing for me and a lesson that I won't forget.

And just to put the cherry on top of that lesson learned, I got to help see and experience one of the flipping moments for the other Genk Elders investigator. Friday I was on exchanges with elder Thomas and our last appointment of the night was with a former named Vera, who stopped progressing. They got in contact with her and began teaching her again. Well this appointment we were teaching the 2nd lesson, and everything just seemed to click, she understood it, it all made sense to her on why we do the things we do. She accepted a baptismal invitation, she came to church on Sunday, and she gets it now. Even though it wasn't ' my investigator' it made me so happy to see her change and to see that light fill her. Like I said earlier, just a great cherry on top.

I am loving this work, it’s just great and so fun. Thank you all for the emails and letters, it means a lot. I hope that all is going well for you and this week is a great one! Love you all.

Elder Parr

P.S.  I ate dried squid this week...not very good.

My sis Allie "HOOPS" this is for you <3 ya
Hot Chocolate and TreinLeven
Long train ride...
Elder Taggart
They called me out....Alien style

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