Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 6 Genk - "Round 2 in Genk!"

Hello everyone,

This week has been great! A little bit slower than the previous weeks of my mission, so that was a little different and a lot longer days. But it really opened my eyes to how blessed I have been up to this point in my mission!! I cannot tell you how many miracles and tender mercies I have seen and felt. Those times just give me so much strength to move forward when you hit those days that are hard, or weeks that are rough. Just knowing there is always a light at the end of the tunnel if you just keep on pushing forward. So that was probably one of the biggest lessons learned this week. Which is one that I am glad that I got to experience and to learn from. It really is true what everyone says about a mission, it’s the refiner’s fire. I love it!!

Though, it might not have been the best week for the work, the Lord still blessed us with miracles and showed me that He is by my side. The first happened on Tuesday, when i was on exchanges here with one of my zone leaders Elder Lynman. He arrived at out appointment around 10 or so and we had an awesome day ahead of us.....until about 5 minutes before we were about to leave, when all of our appointments that day canceled and on top of that the heavens just decided to open up and begin pour like crazy!!! But we had several look ups planned and had chosen an area to go and knock and were determined not to let the rain stop us ha-ha. Well that’s exactly what we did, hoped on our bikes and headed into the hail! Then the first door we knocked, a man answered and we began to talk, and about half way through the contact the rain stopped and the sun just shined. Not trying to make it dramatic of anything, but hey it was pretty sick ha-ha. Well the guy was super positive and we have an appointment with him this week, so we'll see what happens. Along with that the next 5 doors were potentials!! What a miracle street, really gave us the boost we needed to get through the rest of our day!

Thursday was zone conference, so that was just a blast, got to see a lot of old friends and what a reunion that was!!! Love my friends out here, great group of missionaries! The zone conference was also very inspiring, ready to go hit the ground running this next transfer here!

Sorry this week was a short one, not a whole lot of time or a ton to say. But I am loving this work and KNOW it’s where i am supposed to be. Thanks for the sweet letters and the prayers! I hope you all have another amazing week!

Elder Parr

** he forgot his sd card reader this week so no pictures. Hopefully he will sned them later this week.  His birthday is next week on Monday March 9th so if you want to send him a birthday email.**

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