Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 7 Genk - "Finally Sun"

Hello Everyone,

This week has been different than most of the weeks to this point of my mission. But none the less it has been one to remember. To start off, you guys will be happy to hear that the sun actually does exist here in Belgium and there is a blue sky. It really isn't just grey clouds! This week we were blessed with some great weather for the first time since my first few months out. And boy am i grateful that it was good, because this week we needed it. 

This was defiantly one of the most testing weeks for a couple of reasons, one very long days with few appointments and two I don't think I have ever been so tired in my life. (You got to love it:)) Pretty much everyone we are working with was fairly busy this week, we still had a couple appointments but very few compared to earlier weeks. So that left us with loads of time to get out the door and go find some people who are prepared to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And let me tell you, it's a lot harder getting yourself excited for a gap of 4 hours of contacting then getting excited for appointments. I learned that this week for sure. It really puts you to the test and puts your character and diligence to the test. To see if you are going to still go and give it your all even when sometimes you feel like it won't make a difference. But it does, people notice and people are there and are prepared. After several days of not seeing a whole lot of success we kept on pushing and were blessed with around 16 potential investigator this week. That right there was a testimony builder to me that if we do our part the Lord is going to do His! I know that, i have experienced it. 

We had a super cool appointment with Sargun this week, last week we asked her to prepare a lesson about faith and she would teach us a little next time> Keep in mind she is 13. So we show up and after a lot of persuading we finally got her to start. Holy cow, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing she did, she knows so much and loves what she learns. That was one of the most spiritual moments for me and really made me grateful to see that people actually love the gospel :) 

And lastly Friday night was the funniest thing ever. It was world prayer day and it was a blast. So about 8 or so religions came together and we all got to share a little bit about what we believe and that was cool. But the end was awesome, a group of Africans all got up and they sang "go tell it on the mountain" And everyone, including me, joined in and sang. That made my entire night, what a blast that was. I wish i could show you that video, too funny!!

Well, once again short on time so that’s all i am going to be able to write this week. But thank you all so so much for the birthday wishes and the letters!! You are all the best and i am so grateful for you!!! I hope you have an amazing week and remember the church is true!!:)

Elder Parr


** Happy 19th Birthday to my Elder Parr  TODAY ** No pictures again this week :( **

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