Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 8 Genk "Fietsen is leven!"

Hello Everyone!

Wow where to begin.....This week has actually been super busy we have been all over the place, biking, buses, trains cars you name it haha. And I think that I can honestly say this is probably the most tired that I have been in my entire life! But that's a good thing right? We were blessed to have at least one appointment every single day this week even with a couple being dropped. That was just a tender mercy to us.

So we have all decided that Belgium is bipolar with its weather, one day it can be warm enough just to wear a white shirt and the next day you are back in thermals, scarf, jacket, etc. I love it! You wake up and you never know what it is going to be like. But luckily for us there was more sun then not this week:) And biking in the sun just makes it 100 times better. Warm hands, you can see everything, not all wet, I forgot what it was like seems like paradise after riding around all winter ha ha! But holy cow I have never biked so much in my life, well I probably biked more in Delft but here there are a ton of hills and I got my good trusty 1 speed race bike ha ha. It's coming along just fine though!

But this week we saw a couple cool things happen. The work is continuing to move right along here and we are seeing it happen right before our eyes. We were blessed with finding quite a few more potentials in Genk this week. Hopefully giving us a lot of people to work with!

Funny story, one of the days this week (I don't really remember which, they are all blending in) we got let in by two different people who at first seemed to be super super positive and very open to talk. They were both incredibly nice and hospital to us and we were like, heck ya. Then we began to teach the first lesson to them, which ended up having us getting told that we are insane to believe what we believe and that we were so so wrong. I have never heard so many bad thing said against us in my life.....By the end of the appointment we were actually able to get to one of them and he softened up a whole lot and accepted the Book of Mormon and said he'd read and pray, but the other wanted nothing to do with us. Anyway, I don't think I have ever seen the promise to Joseph Smith fulfilled so much in my life the one that says, "They honor me with their lips but with their hearts are far from me." I can now say that that is true! But by the end we couldn't help but smile and be grateful for our testimonies of the Gospel and knowing that there is NOTHING that anyone can say that can take that from us!!

Sargun this week was once again just incredible. That girl is so smart it's ridiculous. She wanted to learn about the Life of Christ this week so we taught the first half of His life to her. I just have to say I love how strong the spirit is every time that we are with her. Sure right now her parents might be keeping her from getting baptized and ya, that is hard. Because we feel and can see how strong of a testimony that she has every time that we go over there. It blows me away. But then again at the same time I can't help but smile seeing her faith! Truly an example to me.

Monday last week was so much fun, we all went to the WOK plaza for mine an elder Taggarts birthdays and it was INCREDIBLE! Between the four of us we dropped 100 euro.....Just picture 4 missionaries walking into like the nicest buffet and trying so hard to look like we know what we are doing ha, that was a night to remember. Probably ate some of the weirdest but also best things that i have in a long time!

Saturday we got to go to family Gijbels again! They are the craziest dinner appointments ever! The two little girls are just the best though, remind me so much about my neighborhood back home! Those appointments were you just feel at home are always nice and that is exactly what the Gijbels never fail to deliver. What a blessing to have such a strong family in the branch.

Sunday was our Ward conference and it was super good. This little church building was packed full and full of enthusiasm! The spirit was so strong as we talked about the stake mission program for this year and how it’s going to bless this branch and the people in it. Really got the members excited to work with the missionaries and invite people to church. So we will see how it works. Then they served some great lunch after, mhmmmm that's always the best just enjoying your time with the members! Then tonight Elder Taggart and I told family knoops we would cook for them this week and they would do the spiritual thought. So we cooked up an incredible meal if I might say so myself, probably should say thanks to Elder Lee for teaching me how to cook all of this stuff though. But anyways they all ended up loving it, luckily:) And then they gave a spiritual message and it was so funny, we were dying the whole time. They did like a fake missionary role play for part of it and holy cow, the funniest thing that I have seen in a long time. That family is incredible and so great to us missionaries. Really do love them for all they do for us, makes a world of difference.

Along with all of that and a couple of other cool lessons, this week has been fantastic. I feel like I am going to die every day I hop on my bike after doing insanity and seeing that hill up ahead, but the Lord keeps me moving. He is pouring out His blessings upon this mission! Our district has seen a TON of cool miracles. I am thankful for our Loving Heavenly Father. My relationship has grown with Him so much since i have been out here and I know that He is there and Loves me!

Thank you all so so much for the birthday wishes and sweet letters. I love you all and hope all is going great back home. Don't forgot God loves you!!! And the Church Is True and one day everyone will know it! Loves!


Elder Parr

I hope you like my new style........jk it was just for laughs:)

Hope you like my new style...j/k it was just for laughs.

Birthday picture - yeah!  Happy 19th Birthday Elder Parr

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