Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 9 Genk " Sea Food....."

Hello Everyone,

This is going to be a short one not a ton of time today because we are going hiking. Yes you heard me right we actually found a 'mountain' in Belgium.  Actually it's all of the stuff from the coal mines but we'll pretend it is a mountain. Supposedly you get a really cool view because it's the highest thing around, so that will be fun.

Anyway this has been another really good week. White shirts and sweaters! No need for a jacket anymore!!:) Oh how i have missed the sun. We have been super busy running all over the place and biking like crazy. I don't bike as much here as in delft but oh boy let me tell ya, delft was perfectly flat (the biggest hills were the bridges over the canals) and here every other street is a hill. Me and my one speed fiet's got to work hard to actually go fast ha ha. But I am not complaining it's keeping me in shape and keeping me from not getting too fat. Which is needed because this week I developed a love for Belgium's pastries, holy cow they are incredible!

This week we finally got to do some service which was so much fun! Sister Pollet had us come over and we got to plant some potatoes and some trees then clean out the chicken coop. I couldn't help but smile with all of the memories that just came pouring back of working on Grandpa's farm. Made my whole week. But we actually have met with Sister Pollet and her daughter twice this week and they are making so much progress. It's been so cool to see their trust in us grow every time that we come. They even invited us over for Easter! I am so happy they are making their way back to the church and that I have had the chance to support and help them along the way.

We have actually been working with a lot of less active members this week and it's just been so amazing to see them slowly begin to change. People who hadn't wanted a whole lot to do with the missionaries are now letting us eat with them, come over twice a week and really letting us know how they truly feel. I know that that has not been because of the things that we have said, but the thing which they have felt when we have been there. The spirit has been so strong in our appointments and you can see their testimonies being reignited. What a blessing it has been for me to see it, because I can honestly say my testimony of the Holy Ghost and of Prayer have grown a lot this past week!! It's real, I know it.

A cool story, so we have a couple of potentials we found a week or so ago who live about 40 minutes away on the bus. So it's hard to get out there and still be effective sometimes. But this past Thursday we felt we needed to make the trip out there and look these people up. So that's what we did. But for a total different reason then what we would of thought. Not one of the potentials were home who we were planning on teaching. However we had 20 or so minutes until the bus came so we decided to do some knocking. It wasn't the first door this time but the last, a young man opened it and we knew we were met to be there. We talked and he was super interested and we scheduled an appointment and gave him a Book of Mormon and he is super excited to read. That was super cool for us to see the Lord lead us to him. Because we were actually lost and had no clue how we ended up were we did, but we found out why.

And lastly, Mom, Dad, you wouldn't believe what I am about to tell you but, I ate raw squid, eel, raw shrimp, some weird eye thingy and other fishy stuff at an appointment this week. I gagged it down but I did it and have video evidence to prove it:) I don't know what is changing me but I know before my mission I wouldn't even come close to that stuff. It's been fun trying to eat it though, makes people laugh every time and always the classic gagging picture. Ugh, I hate that stuff but can't let a challenge just go so I always end up giving in, to good. I Love it!

Thank you all for the support and the emails, it means a lot! I hope you all have a great week and remember The Church Is True!! Love you all!

Elder Parr

Just chillin' with a car that a member is working on.  It races in Dubai!

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