Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 10 Genk- "The Weather Strikes Back"

Hello Everyone,

What a week it has been once again. But holy cow can the time go by any faster? Felt like yesterday I was typing up my email from last week. And it's already conference! Geeze it's just cruising by. Crazy! I am yet to understand how time works on a mission, but if I ever do find out I'll be sure to let you all know. It's a weird thing out here.

But unlike last week which had beautiful blue skies and mostly sunshine, this week we say the exact opposite. Wind and rain pretty much the entire week long. And that always makes for a good, interesting, adventerous and character testing week. But you still always seem to have fun and just enjoy what you have no matter the circumstances.

Going along with that, that was actually one of the talks I studied this week because we shared it with one of our Less actives. The one called being grateful if any circumstances, or something close to that. And that reallly just hit me. I mean there are so many things to be grateful for and happy about and you really can always find happiness even in the dark and bitter moments each of us will have. Where? I found that out too. The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, the true source of eternal happiness!!!! I just really love that and decided that is so true, the world will not give you happiness, but what we got will! How blessed are we!!

I wanna share a cool little miracle that Elder taggart and I saw this past week. So we found a potential last week sunday andtuesday we went by at night to see if she was home. Well we knock, she opens the door and we are standing there soaking wet, and she says come right in. That was the first part of the miracle haha got out of the rain. Well we get in and start talking with her and her husband comes in and we got to know him a little as well. Super cool people, who have never really been religious before. Well we got talking about who God was and how we can come to find Him in our own lives. Shared a few more things and then it was time to leave. She asked us to pray, and when we said Amen. She look up and said that was the first time in her life were she had felt true peace. She invited us back for next tuesday right then!! That was so cool to see how powerful prayer is and see it just touch her heart. I love it! I can not wait to go back and see what happens with them! Super cool for us.

We also had zone training this week which is always fun, got to see some familiar faces and have a good time. It was an incredible conference talking about becoming friends with our Savior. Thats probably what stuck out ot me the most. He is the greatest freind we could EVER have, yet sometimes we don't let Him in and aren't that friend back. Really made me think and reflect alot. Become a friends with the Savior.

This week we were out alot, knocking in the rain and really being tested to see if we would go out and work. I am glad to say that we did. And unlike some other experiences, we didn't see alot of success for doing that. But I think I learned a more powerful lesson. One that changed my character and made me always want to be the one who will say to the the Lord "Thy will be done". Doesn't matter if I go and have crazy success or non at all, because I know what Christ thinks of me, of Elder Parr, and thats what matters. I have seen that simple question change me, ask yourself " what thinks Christ of me?"

Well thank you all for the emails, the prayers and all the support!!! You're amazing! Have a great Easter and Enjoy celebrating the Savior and conference! Love you all!

Love, Elder Parr

**sd card reader wouldn't work today - no pictures sorry **

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