Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 11 Genk "So Much Food....Happy Easter"

Hello Hello,

Were to begin. This week has been super good! The first 2 or 3 days we got pounded with rain and crazy wind. Man I wish you could have seen us trying to bike haha. We were struggling to say the least and even got weirder looks then we normally do. It's was so funny though we were laughing at ourselves the whole time. I mean like who else just goes out and bikes though rain and wind storms in a white shirt and tie. No one. To good! One of those things you just gotta to look back and laugh about.

But this week we had quite a bit of time to do some contacting and look ups. We were able to actually find a few super cool people. One of them was from Italy and her name was Karmela. We found her on Tuesday and went back and taught her Thursday. I was actually on splits that day so I didn't get to go back and teach her but from what I heard she is so cool and was searching for the Gospel! And what makes it even cooler was how we found her. We were just planning and had some time to pick a street and contact and we had one picked the night before. When we woke up we decided to actually pick a new street in a totally different area. Well we got to that street and knocked for 35 or so minutes with pretty much nothing and then we had about 15 or so minutes before we had to leave. SO we kept knocking and one of the next doors we knocked was hers. We talked for the whole 15 minutes we had left and then she invited us back for that Thursday. She was the only potential we had on that street. We truly were led to her. What a miracle it was to see. I love it!!

Wednesday also ended up being a super fun day! We got to go over to Vicky’s and have some dinner with her which is always a blast! She is seriously so cool! But after that we went to teach Sargun and finally were able to bring President Huysmans. He actually goes to India every year and Sarguns mom is Indian. They were able to talk about all sorts of things about India and instantly made a friendship. We ended up just having a super good spiritual lesson with them! It was cool to see how much Sargun knows about this gospel and testify to her mom about it. Amazing!! But the reason my subject is so much food is because of today and Sunday. So at Vicky’s she fed us so much food, like I was dying. Then right after we go to Sarguns and her mom made a TON of Indian food. Oh so good but can I tell you I was so full! God sure helps his missionaries be able to eat what is on their plates. That’s for sure!

Sunday was amazing! Unfortunately I didn't get to watch to much conference but I still had the most amazing day. Sunday morning we had the opportunity to go and visit Zr. Wolfs who is pretty sick and can't come to church. We were able to just talk about the life of Christ and then we go to give her the sacrament. It was my first time getting to say the prayer in Dutch and that was so cool. The spirit was so strong and you could just see how grateful she was for that. Made my day! Right after that we went to look up a single mom and her 4 kids who are less active as well. They ended up being home and let us right in. Once again we got to share the amazing story of our Savior with them. She loved it and made another appoint for us to come back. So cool to see happen! Miracles. Well after them we headed to the Pollets the Less active family who invited us over for Easter fondue. Like real fondue! I had never done that before and we just ate and ate and ate. OH it was so good we had an absolute blast with them!! So grateful we got to go over there! After them we went to the Knoops and ate even more food and got to watch the Saturday evening session of conference. It was so much fun! That session was great! I am excited to see the rest of them here soon.

I loved celebrating Easter out here! The church is true and Christ lives! I know that!

I love you all so much thanks for the support and prayers! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Parr

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