Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 12 Genk "Tulips and Temple!

Hello hello,

This week has been one of the funnest weeks in a long time! The weather for once was absolutely amazing!! We were blessed with almost an entire week of sun and pretty much no rain. Oh how I have missed beautiful weather like that! So that alone made this week great!

This week literally went by in the blink of an eye! Tuesday we had about 3 hours to go and work. Which actually ended really good we found some great potentials. But then we were off to the Netherlands. We left Belgium and four and didn't get to Zoetermeer until 9:30. Man it was a lot of public transportation but we made it fun. Well the reason why we went to the Netherlands this week was because we had Temple conference!

I LOVE the temple!! The temple really is the greatest place ever! It is truly the house of our Heavenly Father. What an amazing blessing we all have to be able to go into His house and learn of Him. I can't even say how much i love it. The spirit was so strong this past week there and I understood all of it this time! I got answers to some questions and just felt the reassuring love of our Heavenly Father. I know he lives and the He loves us! This Gospel is true and this work is directed by Him. He stands at the head of His Church!! So to say the least the temple was the highlight of my week!!

Well after the temple we got to go to a place called Keukenhof. It's the big tulip park that the Netherlands is famous for. And holy cow might I just say it was so pretty!! If only you guys could see it in person because pictures don't do it justice! I also got to see all of my old companions and that was so fun. I got to hang out with my trainer all day! I love and miss that kid so much! But that was an absolute blast and it was so fun enjoying it with some of my best friends! I love my mission!!

Well This week was also transfer calls and we got our call last night. I am going to be staying in Genk for my 3rd and getting Elder Larsen. From what I heard he is a hard worker and a great kid. He's a farmer so I believe it! haha. I can't wait to go work hard here for another 6 weeks at least. That's what it's all about! I love it here in Genk its a great place to serve.

This week we taught the lady we met last week again and she is seriously golden!!! Karmela is so cool and is so ready to accept the gospel! She absolutely loved the restoration lesson and accepted a baptismal invitation when she receives her answers. This up coming transfer has so much potential and I am so excited to go work my hardest to reach it! best feeling ever! The work here is moving along, it has it's ups and downs but as does every place. I know the hard work will pay off eventually! the church is true!!!

Thank you all for the sweet letters and kind emails! I love you so much. Enjoy your week and keep on smiling! and remember you are a child of a Glorious God!:)

Love, Elder Parr
Elder and Sister Romig, Elder Parr and his trainer Elder Hulet met up at Zoetermeer for Temple Conference.

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