Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 14 Genk - Hard Work Pays Off

Hello Hello,

Another amazing week down just like that. I really don't know what it is but man, does this work make time disappear! I feel like I lay down to wake up and I'm back on the computer typing emails. Just doesn't seem to slow down no matter how much I want it too! But wow am I absolutely loving it out here. Everyday just makes me more and more grateful for the choice that I made to come on my mission and makes me so happy all of my Brothers (and sisters) back home are out doing the same thing! Really is the work of the Lord. Doesn't get any better then this.

This week we kept pretty busy going all over the place. Finding some new people, seeing some cool miracles, gettin soaked and so much more.

One of the highlights of this week had to working with the Parente family. That is the family who has 11 kids and they live in a pretty tough situation. But anyways I believe that is was Tuesday that we went over and had prepared an awesome lesson. Get this we made a TON of home made play-doh and then did a huge play-doh Plan of Salvation thing with them. It kept them all so entertained and brought the spirit as well. Probably one of our best lessons with them. We also brought them over some home made cookies and you should of seen their faces just light up! That made my entire day. And when we told them they could all keep their play-doh, that is what the Spirit of Christ feels like. I love that family so much and am so glad I get to help them. They then invited us back for one of the little girls parties the next day. And we ended up having a ton of leftover pizza dough so when we went we brought a bunch of little pizza bites that we made with us to share. Once again an absolute blast! But the cool part was is we saw them today by a bus stop and Latisha the oldest daughter, pretty much the mom, runs up to me and says Elder Parr I've been praying to my Heavenly Father the last 2 days and got an answer I need to come to church and I am bringing the little girls with me!!! I can not even begin to express the joy that I had when she said that!! Made my entire week already. Love this work for things like that!

We also had another pretty cool experience. We knocked on a door of one of our old potentials and she opened the door and let us right in. She went on to tell us that her husband had just passed away and how she couldn't take the pain.She had been a believer her whole life but she was now doubting. That gave us the perfect chance to testify of Our Savior Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice for us. The spirit literally filled the room and bore such a strong testimony of what we were saying was true! She couldn't bring it to words she said of how grateful she was that we came over at that time. In was no coincidence that we did either. Incredible experience and testimony builder.

Those were a few of the highlights of this week. It was a good one for sure. But Thank you all for your prayers and examples! I hope you have a good week and I love you all! The Church is True!!
Love, Elder Parr

Parentes and me:)

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