Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 13 - Still Kicken it in Genk

Hello Hello,

Wow I back on the computer again! It felt like i was just here yesterday. They time comes and goes so fast I almost don't even believe it sometimes! But this past week has really been a good one but in some different ways.

The beginning of this week was my last 2 days with Elder Taggart. But we sure went out with a bang and had a killer Monday and Tuesday! I am really going to miss that kid he taught me a whole lot. I love how much you learn to love companions on a mission. Their ups their downs. They become great friends and I am grateful for the amazing ones I have had up to this point in my mission. Including my new companion Elder Larsen! He is such a stud. Crazy hard worker and already one of my great friends. I can already tell this is going to be another amazing transfer!!

But this week after Wednesday was actually a pretty bumpy one. We had so many things planned out in the beginning but nothing seemed to go through. But we kept pushing doing our best to work hard and still see success. But unlike the past experiences, the success didn't come. And I am not going to lie sometimes that can be very hard and quite frustrating. But this week, I found out that’s okay. Not having success doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong, it doesn’t mean the Lord isn't in you work and by your side. He knows we are trying He knows we are giving it our all. And for me that is what success is! It's not about the numbers, sure it’s awesome to have good ones and see all that success. But I found out this week, hitting the mattress knowing that I have given it my all is just a good of a feeling! I believe that!! So that’s my lesson this week!

Anyways I love you all so much thanks for the sweet emails and sorry for the super short email. But you are great and have a good week!!

Love, Elder Parr

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