Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week 17 Genk - Wonderen Nog Gebeuren!!

Hello Hello!!

This week has by far been one of the most emotional roller coasters of my mission. So the caption of this week translates into, " Miracles Still Happen" . And this week I experienced some of the greatest miracles!
The first 5 days of this week were honestly probably some of the slowest ones since I have been in Genk. However, Elder Larsen and I felt like it was one of our hardest working weeks up to that point. So we just could not figure out why we were not seeing success. We were working hard, trying to follow the spirit, being obedient but yet for some reason we just couldn't get things rolling. After the fist 4 or so days of that we started to get a little bit bummed. So at night we decided to go into our room and pray to see how we could change to see some success. Well by the end of the night we had come up with alot of things that we thought were going to help us see the miracles that we wanted to see. But the days continued and nothing different really happened. Close to no success.
And then it all changed in an instant. Sunday rolled around and we are sitting in church and Laticha and her younger sisters show up! Oh boy we just lit up, big old grins on our faces. And then thinking it couldn't get any better it does. About 10 or minutes into the sacrament meeting the door opens and Jenny, a lady we looked up from the area book last week walks in the room!!! She came over and sat by us and just enjoyed the meeting. So by this point we are like finally an answer to our prayers, Heavenly Father really is watching out for us. But it doesn't even stop at that....So about two weeks ago Larsen and I both had a strong impression to start taking Latisha a little more seriously. Well today we finally followed what we were told. It did take us some time to get around to it, but we learned from that. After Church we pulled Laticha into a room and began to give her the first lesson. Almost instantaneously the spirit filled the room. For the next 40 or so minutes, the restoration and testimonies not only from us but also from her were shared. By the time we were done we both felt impressed to invite her to be baptized. And she said I would love to but I don't think my mom will let me. We promised her that if she really wanted it and went home and asked her mom, her mom would be impressed to say yes. Well she said she'd do it, but had her doubts. Well about 15 or so minutes of us being home our phone goes off, and it's Laticha. We answer and hear this, Elders I want to be baptized next week before you both leave Genk. Heavenly Father has told me that this is what I need to do and I can't ignore that! Oh my goodness we ( all four of the elders) just were going nuts! Then Elder Johnson says, guys what about her mom.....And then reality hit. That is going to be an obstacle but we had faith it would happen. Another 20 minutes pass and we get a text, elder Johnson reads it and just begins freaking out. This is what it said in a jiffy, Elders I asked my mom if I could be baptized and she said it was my choice and if i feel it is right this weekend I can be baptized. Our hearts literally jumped for joy! I couldn't help but run into the bedroom get on my knees and just give all the thanks that I could utter out of my mouth to A loving Heavenly Father! He made all of this possible and somehow managed to do it through a couple of non-perfect tools likes us. Miracles do happen, I believe that 100%!
So this coming week is now going to be one of the craziest weeks of my mission. We are going to be so busy it is going to be amazing! I can't wait to watch this all unfold. On top of all of this though, The Lord even threw in 2 new investigators and out of no where 3 less active appointments all in a matter of a couple of days our success made a 180! I can't even begin to say how thankful and excited I am for whats happening!
Here is also a cool little side story, so the other two elder are going to be taking over the city so we have been taking them on splits to the people we meet with. Saturday night Elder Warner went with me to go and visit Broeder Hesemans. That ended up being one of the coolest experiences ever! The spirit was so strong the whole time. I then told him I was going to be leaving and got an answer that i did not expect from him. He looked me in the eyes and Said you know I can honestly say You are going to be an elder that I really miss, go and do what you have done here at every other place you go. Broeder esemans NEVER says stuff like that, and to be completely honest I am not even sure what I do there, i feel like that is a place where my mouth usually doesn't open  a whole lot, but I am grateful I was able to be placed there for a purpose I still don't know, but knowing that I did what I think I was needed to do. Then we get up to leave he shakes Warners had looks at me and gives me a great big hug. As I looked back he had a smile across his face and I couldn't help but tear up a little. In the time I have spent in Genk that is the only time I have seen him look so happy! My testimony was strengthened that night. God's love is real, And He sure loves everyone of His children! I believe that with all my heart!
Thank you all for the love, prayers and support! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week! The Church Is True!
Love, Elder Parr
Voetbal with the bros!  American Football that is.  :)

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