Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 3 Zaandam - Getting lost, boat rides, conferences and marine..

Hello Hello,

This week has been another one to remember to say the least. It has been an emotional roller coaster but ended on a high and that's always great. It seems like just yesterday I was typing up an email and now I am already back in the same chair doing it all over again. Crazy.

where to begin, I think that Netherlands has a mind of its own. I mean who knew a country could have mood swings haha. One hour it is beautiful weather and hot and the next you are getting buckets dumped on you and wind ripping you off your bike. I am still not used to that but, you sure learn to enjoy it. Brings some fun adventures into the day and that's always good. Got to love it right?
Well this week we were able to meet with Evy and Peter a couple of times and it was incredible. Tuesday we were finally able to share the plan of salvation with them and I think it is pretty safe to say that was one of the most spiritual lessons that I have had on my mission. I don't know what Elder Frisby and I have done to deserve such great experiences but I can say I am grateful for them. The best part about that lesson was when we were talking about the Atonement. I have never so clearly felt the spirit enter the room so strongly. As we were testifying of our Savior Jesus Christ, Peter's whole body literally just filled with goosebumps. And he began to say how grateful he was that he now knows that he has a Savior in his life. It's hard to describe the joy that you have when you witness somebody accept Christ as their Redeemer. It truly does bring a light into their lives. We were also able to have a lesson with them as well as dinner at The De Vries's a family in the ward. We finished up the second lesson then it turned into a testimony meeting and was just incredible. Both of these families have gone through such similar trials and hardships. And to see them all in tears by the end of the night and they shared how they know the gospel and their testimonies of the love of Jesus Christ got them through their trials. Couldn´t have gone any better. They came to church again this Sunday and loved it once again. In short they are a miracle to Elder Frisby and I.

Other then those two we didn´t have alot going on this week. We did some fun service projects and some hilarious dinner appointments. Oh ya, I also got wrecked this week. I went on exchanges with Elder Bonner, a hardcore marine, and did the craziest run of my life. But I am proud to say I finished it in one piece...but I am not going to lie it kicked my butt haha. Lot of respect for those guys who do that in gear.

Oh Monday night the jovos had an activity and they taught us how to salsa dance and it was the funniest thing in the world. Me and Elder Taggert were trying to do and we looked like the biggest goofballs ever. It was fantastic though. Got to love what weird experiences missions bring. If only you saw it in person you would die!

We also got lost in Noord Amsterdam for a solid two hours, but in the process ended up having to ride the boats back to central and it was so nice. I miss being on the water, great place to be. So that was my little tender mercy haha.

We also had a zone training this week and it was so good but so sad. President and Zuster Robinson gave their dying testimonies. So sad to see them get ready to head out. They have been the greatest blessing! I´ll never forget them. But at the same time I am excited for a new chapter in my mission with the new president. It will be just as good!

Thanks for the love and prayers! Love and miss you all. I hope you have a great week and keep enjoying summer.

Love, Elder Parr
The Gangster bird we found after we got lost.

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