Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 5 Zaandam - Blessing! (1 year Mark)


This week was so amazing! But to be honest I sat down to start typing this and everything just left me.....so it'll probably be a short one this week. But I do remember that we had just a solid fun week and saw some cool things happen. Missions are just straight up amazing!

I know my mom is dying to know what is happening with Evy and Peter so here it is. This week they have seen some amazing miracles. We went over on Tuesday to teach them and we walked in to glowing faces. They were so happy. Turns out that Evy gets to stay and that they are allowed to be married. On top of that peter found a new job and everything is finally falling into place for them. So she just has to wait for her mom to send her he actual birth certificate and then they can get married. So by the end of this month or the beginning of august they should be getting baptized!! They seriously can't wait. It was so cool to sit in there house and just listen to Evy tell us that she knows without a doubt that Jesus Christ saved there family! I know that that is so true. We are just there being his instruments, He is the one changing their hearts. What a miracle and blessing to witness.

This week I also hit my year mark and had a nice little celebration with some of the elders. Crazy to think that is has already been a year. It just goes by too fast. I love my mission so so much! I know that this is were I need to be and even more so, I know that what I am sharing with people is the truth! The church really is true!!

Sorry this was so short, but mom, just know that i am happy and got a smile on my face. Nothing to worry about. I love you all and the support you give to us missionaries,you're great! Have an amazing week.

Love, Elder Parr

Oh and if you get the chance you should watch the video, "lift" on Mormon channel. Incredible!
Me, Corina (Evys mom), Evy and Peter:)

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