Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 5 Apeldorn "A week on tender mercies and eye opener!" Feb 29

Hello Hello!

This week has been such a good one. Elder Hosea and I have been blessed and have seen some cool things happen and have had a lot of fun doing it. The weather still can seem to make up it's mind if it wants to be cold or warm. You look outside and are 100% certain it's going to be nice and warm with the sun shining then it's freezing. Then the next day its nice and grey and you know it's going to cold but it ends up being not so bad. Then you got 20 minutes of crazy snow to super sunny, to rain, to sunny again. It's been quite funny honestly. I've enjoyed it.

Last P-day we were able to play some street soccer with the Young Men, a less active we are working with and a new investigator named Alli, who is 17. We had a ton of fun even though the first 30 minutes consisted of them totally putting us missionaries to shame. But the endurance paid off at the end and we were able to have a couple of runs on them as well. I can't believe how much soccer has grown on me since I have been here. I mean I am still no Parker Jenkins but it's coming;)

I finally got to see the beautiful city of Groningen for the first time. We were up there at their district meeting this past week. That has been one of my dream cities since day one. Who know there is still hope haha. We were also able to go and have dinner with Cindy(less active) and Jessa (non-member) and that was really good. Let me just say that she can cook! Best Indonesian food I have had out here. That night was also one of my eye openers. We taught the first lesson after dinner and 1) went to fast and 2) It wasn't what Jessa needed to hear at that moment. And wow it hit me really hard after the lesson and I just felt so bad that we had just went in like it was just another person. Thankfully we still we are able to make a new appointment and they still love having us over. So we are getting a chance to do it the right way and I can promise you we will. It's so important to prepare with the spirit for every lesson even if you do know them 100%. It makes the world of difference. I am excited to teach him what he needs to hear this week and am confident it will touch his heart.

We were able to have the Goningen Elders down here in Apeldoorn on Wednesday working with us and that was loads of fun. We started the day off right with a nice lunch at KFC. Probably cancelled out the past 3 days of insanity we have done and the next 3 because it's so fattening. But it is what it is i guess. I was on my noble steed ( the bike) once again so that was nice. It's always nice to take a break from the car. But Elder Jardine and I were able to have some really interesting conversations and teach a Restoration lesson to Henny the lady elder Hosea and I found knocking doors a couple of weeks ago. It went super well and she accepted to read and pray and be baptized if she comes to know that it is true.

We met with Dennis Linker twice this week and both times were just amazing. Both times about half of the time was talking about the gospel and the other half just random things. But he got on the topic of his boss and how incredible of a man he is. How he serves the people he works with with love. He is a leader, not just a boss. He shared a long story about a guy who was working there and struggling and what not and they were considering releasing him. Them he said, but we had a motto and it read "we can fix anyone and anything." And that hit me like a rock. With faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, diligence and hardwork we truly can fix anyone, including ourselves.

I could go on and on with cool lessons learned this week that have come at the right time to me to help me to continue to learn and grow this week. It's been incredible and I am grateful for them all.

Thank you all for the prayers and support! I hope you have an amazing week!
And never forget who you are: a marvelous son and daughter of Heavenly Father. Just think about that. The church is true!

Love, Elder Parr

I forgot to take a lot of pictures this week so I had to take a nice selfie for mom <3

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