Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 6 - Apeldoorn Transfers - Mar 7

Hello Hello,

Well this week I don't have a lot of time. So this will be short and sweet. That being said this week was a great one and went by so fast! Here is one cool story from the week.

So my first week here in Apeldoorn we found a young 17 kid named Ali. Two weeks ago I think I wrote about when we were able to get him to come and play soccer with the young men and what not. Well this week we had our first lesson with him and it was absolutely amazing. Probably one of the most spiritual first lesson I have had on my mission. Ali was raised in Africa and has no Christian background whatsoever, except what they teach at school. As we sat there and taught him about who God is: A loving Heavenly Father, Perfect Glorified body, that we can communicate with him, that we are literally His children, etc. He was in awe. As we taught about our Savior the spirit hit him like a rock and goosebumps filled the room. While watching the Joseph Smith Video I don't think I have ever seen anyone watch it so sincerely. The joint teach we brought had a similar childhood and was raised Muslim as well. They connected so good and it added so much to the lesson. At the end of the lesson he knelt down and offered his first real prayer. In the simplest words he could find, but wow was that powerful. I know without a doubt this Gospel is true and blesses all of our lives. Ali is still 17 and has to talk to his parents still about us. But I am confident that he felt the love of Heavenly Father that day and that that day will have a lasting impact on his life. I am excited to see what happens with him.

So Saturday we got our Transfer calls. I will be staying here in Apeldoorn with Elder Hosea. I am so excited we are staying, we are going to tear it up!

Thank you all so much for the many Birthday wishes! You are all amazing! I hope you have an amazing week. Remember, the Church is true!!

Elder Parr
The beautiful Den Haag Temple

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