Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 8 Apeldoorn - "Tijd Vliegd"

Hello Hello,

What a great week it was once again. In all honesty the entire week was kind of one big blur and really just disappeared. But I recall it being a great on none the less. The "zin" to email today is honestly lacking so I am sorry if this is short. But I will try and include some good stuff.

So Tuesday Elder Hosea, Zr. Duncan and I were able to have our zone training in zwolle and that went so well. The way things played out and the preparation that went in really payed off and allowed us all to have a spiritual and practical uplifting zone training. I was blown away with how good some of the people we asked to present did. It has been really cool these past couple of months to not only see the change in investigators and what not but also in the missionaries. That big group that came in last year has grown up so much. You have got to love what mission do for you. Little side story and fun fact, at zone training Elder Wright and I got called out in Foosball (because a rumor is going around in the mission that we can't be beaten) so we accepted the challenge and won about 20 games to 5 in a row against different people. It was so fun.I got to get me one of those Foosball tables, so fun!

This week Elder Hosea and I cooked our first batch of Lasagna and it actually didn't turn out to bad. We were impressed to be honest. A member had asked if we wanted to cook for her and said she loved lasagna so we gave it a try. Had a blast making it. I am loving serving with Elder Hosea he is a solid missionary.

We have been looking up some referrals this past week and ended up in farmville. I felt like I was back in Genk knocking doors. You actually have to walk more then 10 steps to get to the next door. It was quite enjoyable actually. A good change to the normal schedule.

Dennis is continuing to progress and get better and better. Everytime we see him you can tell that because he is keeping his commitments the Lord is blessing him. That man is honestly one of my best friends. I have enjoyed every second of working with him.

We went and visited a member this week and began teaching temple prep lessons at the end of the lesson she asked for a blessing. She began to tell us how she has bad serious back pain for so long and asked for a blessing. Elder Hosea and I had the opportunity of giving that blessing and it was incredible. I have rarely felt the spirit so strong and this sweet sister was just embraced with the love of our Heavenly Father when we finished. Heavenly Father loves his children.

All in all a solid week. Thanks for the love, prayers and support. I hope you all have an amazing week and enjoy Easter. Remember the reason behind the season. Loves!

Love, Elder Parr

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