Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 9 Apeldoorn - Happy Easter

Hello Hello,

What a week this past week has been. So many things happened, so many emotions, miracles, heartbreaks etc. But those feeling tend to accompany one through a life time. Used to teach us, humble us, help us grow, reach our potential. It's all apart of God's glorious plan to help us return and live with him again. He loves us, His work and His glory is to bring His children home, what an incredible blessing to have someone with such infinite love up above watching over us, encouraging us to press on even when it gets hard, blessing us, lifting us and loving us. I love my Father in Heaven.

Mom you are going to be so proud of me, I think I have taken more pictures this week then in the entire last month. It took some effort so I hope you enjoy them:)

I hope you have all had an amazing Easter this past week and were able to feel the love of Our Savior. I know I was. The young women put on a great sacrament service about the life of Christ and it was amazing. We were able to make the day of a select few and help them also enjoy the great Easter season.

Saturday we had a heartbreaking lesson. We went and enjoyed a great Easter lunch with a less active member we have been working with. Joking, laughing, full of enjoyment. Lunch ended and he ended up telling us he isn't coming back to church anymore, his decision has been made. He has to many doubts. The part that made it heartbreaking is that he wasn't even willing to try to get an answer anymore. Just gave up. We pleaded with him and testified and showed how much we cared but nothing. It was so hard to see, had become good friends. I just pray and hope his heart will be softened. Because there isn't much we can do if he isn't receptive the Spirit.

Elder Hosea and I were probably let in by the nicest couple on my mission. They let us in gave us some tea and cookies. We talked for an hour. He pulled out his guitar we sang some Easter songs and just laughed and laughed together. There are so many great people in this world.

We have been busy visiting a member a day for about 15 minutes and were sharing the Easter message. It was incredible to see how much the families appreciated it. Almost every time you could feel the spirit just enter the home and see the members light up. What an incredible feeling.

This past week with the Brussels attack has been also heartbreaking. In a country I have grown to love, to see it just in chaos is so sad. And to have fellow missionaries involved....I was able to talk with Elder Empey on Friday and that was so great. Sounds like he is doing awesome and recovering well. Elder Bringhurst and I have been staying in close contact, he is in Brussels right now, and he's been keeping me updated. The Lord was protecting His missionaries. My prayers go continually out to all those involved.

Thank you all for the prayers and the support. I hope you have an amazing week!!

Elder Parr

Me and my main man, Elder wright

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