Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 7 Apeldoorn - "Zone Plans and Miracles" Mar 14

Hello Hello,

Another week has already come and gone....can you believe it!? Another transfer down and we are on to the next one. Wow, I just can't keep up with time. But anyways this past week was a good one. We were pretty busy doing a whole bunch of different things from: Teaching, planning, service, meetings, traveling, it's been great. You have got to love how different every week and day can be in the mission field. Altijd spannend!

Here are just a couple of highlights from this last week:

Tuesday ended up being a super fun day. Elder Hosea and I were back up in Groningen for a baptismal interview we had to do that night. So we went up and attend their District Meeting that morning, went to an appointment with the sisters and then worked a little in the city ourselves and were able to give away a couple of Book of Mormons. Then we met up with the elders and they took up over to Peter's house. I was able to do the Baptismal Interview with him and it was so powerful. That man seems to have made leaps and bounds of progress. He was the only non-member in his family and was finally prepared to make the step of baptism himself. The interview went great, he passed with flying colors. it was so cool to sit there and listen to him bear his testimony about each of the questions and his conversion. The Church is true and one day everyone will know it. How blessed are we to know it now.

Wednesday was transfer days and everything ran super smoothly in our zone and we had no problems. So that was great! The Hills, Deventer Elders, Elder Hosea and I all went out for a nice birthday lunch together. What a good group, we had lots of fun. Then the Klosterbroers, I LOVE THEM, had us over for dinner and threw a little surprise party with a cake and what not. Awe, they are so great! This ward is just incredible.

This week we were going along the doors and we were walking up to the door and the guy say us through the window and put his arms above his head and starting yelling, 'Yes Jesus'. We knocked on his door and he let us in. Turns out he was busy preparing his 3rd road trip to America with his wife and wanted some pointers and tips on what to see haha. We had a good talk and he actually added visiting a Mormon Temple to his plans. We were pretty excited about that. Super funny cool couple.

We got a referral from a member in the Arnhem ward and decide to go out and visit her this past week. We knocked on the door she let us right in and after about 30 minutes of her telling us her life story we were able to share the restoration with her. Tears almost instantly filled her eyes as she listened. She was beyond excited to have a Book Of Mormon and something she can now live for. She, without hesitation, invited us back this week. Elder Hosea and I are excited to see the effect the Spirit is going to have on her.

We also were able to teach Dennis this week again. Things are looking up for him and his stopping with Addiction. I have grown to love that man so much! We just click so well. Man I love being a missionary.

I love you all and thanks for all the Birthday wishes and the prayers.

The church is true.

Elder Parr

I love this country!

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