Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 2 Den Haag - Wonderen

Hello Hello!

What an amazing week this past week has been! We have seen so many cool miracles and were able to have some incredible lessons. After a very long wait the dutch people and myself were finally able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and short sleeve shirts! I love it! But wow was it a fast week looking back on it. Time flies when you are having fun I guess:) Well here are a couple of the highlights from this past week:

Elder Davison and I were out doing a lookup next to the beach, (beautiful by the way) of a lady who had ordered a DvD from a campaign the mission is doing. Well we got out there and had to make a long 30 minute walk to her house as bugs ate us alive, but we finally made it. Knocked on the door and she opened right up and let us right in. Her name is Raphael and she has 9 children!! A huge family. We were so excited. She had the cutest most talkative little girl who loved us instantly. We were thankfully able to leave a good impression, the kids loved us and set up a return appointment.

So last week we met a man named Rudolph in the streets and this week we were able to have our first appointment with him. He is a really cool man from suriname. He was so amazed with the message of the Restoration it was so cool so see. He accepted a baptismal date as well. It was very cool to see the spirit working within him during our lesson.

We taught a man named Noel, who has been investigating for years. They elders/sisters said every time is just ends in an argument. But we decided to give him a try. Well we didn't have an argument and by the end of the lesson we were able to find out his on and only concern. That being the priesthood. We were able to commit him to get his answer and it ended up being such a positive lesson.

We also taught a man named Marcel (also has been investigating for a while) this past week. He asked if we would teach him about the second coming and the millennium. So we did. And it ended up being one amazing lesson. We were able to tie everything back to the Restoration and by the end of the lesson he tells us, "it all makes sense now" He ended up understanding the Restoration and explained to us why he needed to be Re-baptized! How cool is that!?

The work over here is going so good. It seems to just be picking up every single day. We are being blessed with seeing so many miracles too. Heavenly Father is guiding us to His children who are ready to receive the gospel. It is definitely a blessing to be apart of His work!

It was great talking to you yesterday mom:) I hope you had an amazing Mothers Day, I love you so much!

Thank you all for the love and support. I hope you have a great rest of the week. And remember, The church is true!

Elder Parr

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