Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 2 Eindhoven - Accidents, conferences, BBQ's and Biking

Hello Hello,

Man this week has been full of crazy adventures, crazy days, funny stories and hit the bed dead tired! I was just barely here on the computer typing up my email last week.

But oh how I got a good story for you. So about 45 minutes after I send my email last week we were on our way to go to the centrum to hang out there for a little bit. We were driving the car and having a good time, just talking at a red light then all of the sudden BAM! We all shot forward and looked back and we go rear ended by a van trying to pull a mini cat. Luckily non of us were hurt and it wasn't to bad. The car took a little beating but nothing that can't be fixed. The Lord is watching out for us!

This week we had a great zone conference with Elder Timothy J. Dyches. I learned a lot just listening to him. It was totally different then any other conference I have been to. But it was a good one. I was definitely re-motivated to work even harder then I am. There is always something that we can improve on to become better. And I am exciting to keep on trying to make those changes to become the best person that I can become while I am out here on my mission.

Guess who I got to see this week!!!!!! So there was a big stake BBQ for the Antwerpen stake so we got to go. Well we get there and we start walking to the place and right when I get there I see three little girls running up to me. And I was just SO happy! It was Laticha and all of her little sisters! Broeder Knoops was also there as well as the Peters and a couple other members from Genk. It was easily one of the best reunions ever! I can't even begin to tell you how much Laticha has changed since I met her. She said that she has read through the Book of Mormon twice since her baptism and Is planning on serving a mini mission for a couple weeks here in the Netherlands and eventually wants to serve a full time mission. This Gospel is true. It changes people! I love this Gospel!!!

Well this week we did a lot of biking look ups and contacting. But we did see a couple of pretty cool miracles. Elder Gleave is killing it with his dutch and for only being out here a week. He is such a stud of a companion. And Harry, oh were to begin with him. I just love him to death!:) Best trio out there that's for sure. But we received a HQ referral this week and we went and looked him up and it was a family and the dad had been to the temple in Hawaii. They were so positive and really open. They just had a baby so we are going to meet with him in a couple of weeks. But I am so excited to see what happens with them. We were also knocking doors and we ran into a super cool family who has been going from to church to church to try and find one that is family oriented. And we just told them and testified that it was no coincidence that we ran into them. We were led there by a loving Heavenly Father. They were very receptive and are willing to listen to us and come to the church. It is going to be neat and great opportunity teaching a family. I am excited to see there response to Our Heavenly Father's message. Because I know it will change their lives if they allow it to. Being a missionary is an incredible blessing.

Thank you all for the love and support! Have an amazing week!

Love Elder Parr
The original MTC Gang is back again :)

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